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This plugin is no longer actively developed. There are numerous other better solutions available that you should use instead.

License Information

LiveFilter jQuery Plugin https://github.com/mikemerritt/LiveFilter

The terms of this software are described in the file LICENSE, which you should have received as part of this distribution. Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice.


LiveFilter is a jQuery plugin that can be used to sort lists of data in realtime, as you type.

How to Use

LiveFilter expects your list to use a certain HTML structure. It can be used on ordered/unordered lists and tables. Your list must reside inside of a div that the plugin will be targeting. An example of the structure is below.

<div id="wrapping_div">
	<input class="filter" type="text" value="" />
	<input class="reset" type="reset" value="Reset!" />
		<li>List Item</li>
		<li>List Item</li>
		<li>List Item</li>
		<li>List Item</li>
		<li>List Item</li>
		<li>List Item</li>

If your list follows the proper structure like above, you can then call the liveFilter() function on the wrapping div like so.

<script type="text/javascript">

If you need custom settings you can set them like this.

<script type="text/javascript">
		delay: 300, 
		defaultText: 'Custom Default Text:',
		zebra: {
			enabled: true,
			baseColor: '#13345d',
			altColor: '#174175'

The full list of available properties, their defaults and what they expect are listed below.

  • delay - A delay between when typing starts and when the list starts to filter.
    • Default: 0
    • Expects: Number
  • defaultText - The default text inside of the text input.
    • Default: 'Type to Filter:'
    • Exepcts: String
  • hideDefault - Hides the full list by default.
    • Default: False
    • Expects: True/False
  • addInputs - Will automatically add text and reset inputs inside the wrapping div.
    • Default: False
    • Expects: True/False
  • noMatches - Will display text if no matches are found.
    • Default: 'No Matches'
    • Expects: String
  • zebra - An object for all zebra-striping settings.
    • enabled - Toggles zebra-striping on/off.
      • Default: False
      • Expects: True/False
    • baseColor - The base color to be used for zebra striping.
      • Default: False
      • Expects: False/Hex color string.
    • altColor - The alternate color for zebra striping.
      • Default: False
      • Expects: False/Hex color string.


  • Version 1.4

    • Refactored code & updated for jQuery 1.7.
    • Added "No matches" text.
    • Added Non-consecutive search. E.g. A filter of "hot mustard" would match the list item "hot dog with mustard"
    • Changed zebra-striping options
    • Performance improvements.
    • Fixed hideDefault so that when no filter is supplied it will revert back to it's hidden state.
    • Updated readme.
  • Version 1.3

    • Completely re-written from scratch.
    • Added delay feature to increase performance during fast typing.
    • Added default text option which adds default text to text inputs.
    • Added an option to allow hiding of the list/table as the default state.
    • Added the ability zebra stripe a list/table that also keeps it's correct striping as it is filtered.
    • Added an option to automatically generate text and reset inputs in the wrapping div.
  • Version 1.2

    • Performance and flexibility improvments.
    • Improved table support.
    • Added optional filter animations.
    • Intelligent element detection.
  • Version 1.1

    • Added support for filtering tables.
    • Code optimizations.
  • Version 1.0.1

    • Fixed an expression compatibility issue with jQuery 1.3.x
  • Version 1.0.0

    • Initial Version.