Boilerplate react and redux app for setting up new projects.
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Setting up a new project can be a pain. This is a boilerplate react and redux app for setting up new projects.


It's very simple to get up and running. Simply clone this repo and npm/yarn install. I set this up using Yarn so I will refer to that when talking about commands. Use the NPM version of commands if that is your preferred package manager.

I usually work in a Rails/React tech stack so by default it's configured for use with it's sister repo, which means that it expects a JSON API to be located at localhost:3000.

As for production, this app doesn't make any assumptions and therefore does not have production config. I will leave that up to you. Since this compiles into static files there are a multitude of options for a production environment. It can be deployed as a static website on Amazon S3/Cloudfront or serve it with a traditional web server. It's up to you.


Running yarn build will build the bundle and output it to public/dist.

Dev Server

Running yarn start will start the webpack-dev-server on port 3500 with hot-module-replacement.


Running yarn test will run any tests you have. By default it's configured to use Jest but can easily be swapped out for something else. yarn snapshot will run your test suite and rebuild snapshots.


This currently does not have a solution for styling components. For now you'll need to implement your own solution.