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This is a utility which creates snapshots and purges them after a set number of retention days defined in AWS volume tags.

Each time the script is run, it will do the following for each volume which contains a Snapshot tag:

  • Purge snapshots older than the retention period (number of days defined as the value in the tag)
  • Create a new snapshot (Description format: [volume-id]_[volume-name]_YYYYMMDDHHSS)


1) Install ec2snapshots

npm install -g ec2snapshots

2) Add your credentials to ~/.aws/credentials

aws_access_key_id = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
aws_secret_access_key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Note: This project uses the AWS SDK for NodeJS.

For more information on generating credentials, see:

3) Tag the AWS volumes you would like to manage

Use the key name of Snapshot and add a value representing the number of days you would like the snapshot to be retained.

For example, if you would like a snapshot to be retained for 10 days, add a tag with a key name of Snapshot and a value of 10.

Run it

ec2snapshots <region>

Separate multiple regions by commas.

ec2snapshots us-west-1,us-west-2

Dry runs

If you would like to see what would happen, without creating or deleting any snapshots, you can use the --dryrun flag.

ec2snapshots --dryrun us-west-1
# OR
ec2snapshots -d us-west-1


If you want to develop with the source, you can simply execute ./bin/ec2snapshots.js us-west-1 to test it.

If you would like to install it globally, based on your source, run the following from the project directory:

npm install . -g

This will replace the ec2snapshots executable with the latest from your current codebase.


Automated snapshot creation & purging based on AWS volume tags



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