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[Demo][mdldemo] (transpiled JS-Version)
## Getting started
## Quick Start
In `pubspec.yaml` specify the `mdl`, `browser` and `di` packages as dependencies, as well as the `di` transformer.
mdl: "^1.0.0"
browser: '^0.10.0'
di: "^3.3.4"
- di
Add the style to your `index.html`
<link id="theme" rel="stylesheet" href="packages/mdl/assets/styles/material.min.css">
Initialize the mdl library from your `main.dart`
import 'package:mdl/mdl.dart' as mdl;
main() async {
await mdl.componentFactory().run();
## Icons
Material Design Lite uses the official [Material Icons font]( We recommend you include it using:
<link href=""
You can check for other options on the [Developer's Guide](
## Demos and examples
Check out the [samples][]
## Features and bugs

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