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Config - command line setup etc.
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Config to get things working the way I want them to

This includes things like setting up a new laptop, documentation on getting things set up, config files (.zshrc/.vimrc) etc.


  • command-line-alias: List of alias to use on the command line. Append to current ./.zshrc or ./bashrc
  • latest-commits: Loops through latest commits and outputs latest along with numbering so you can select

To install on a remote box

curl -fsSL "" | bash -e

If working locally

The above works fine for a one off install but I often find myself using the config on a number of machines and updating as I go along. In this case I want the various .rc files symlinked to a copy of this repo. Any changes can easily then be commited and pushed back.

In this case:

  • clone this repo
  • cd bin
  • ./ If on a mac then you will want to install brew and it's dependencies
  • ./bin/

Other useful applications

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