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This is a MediaWiki extension designed to tie MediaWiki to GeSHi, primarily with
the concerns of Rosetta Code's[1] use case. As such, it only uses a subset of
GeSHi's available features.
To install:
1) Copy MWGeSHiGlue.php to $IP/extensions/
2) Download GeSHi[2], install to $IP/extensions/geshi/
3) To $IP/LocalSettings.php, add:
To use:
Wrap your code snippet with tags named <lang>, like so:
<lang perl>use strict;
print "Hello, world!";</lang>
<lang bash>echo "Hello, world!";</lang>
To see a list of supported languages (such as might be useful on a documentation
page), try:
<lang list></lang>
Special configurations:
If you wish to put GeSHi somewhere other than $IP/extensions (Say, for example,
your distribution packages GeSHi), then put the following in your
LocalSettings.php file, prior to the require_once line pulling in MWGeSHiGlue:
$mwggGeSHiPath = "/path/to/geshi"