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None of these rendered images constitute an official Tartan, hence the Shartan name: Sham Tartan.

What is this?

This is a small project to play around with a couple of things:

  • Using React to make something that looks passably like Tartan by executing some definitions (turns out, pretty easy)
  • Making a mostly front-end site be shareable over Facebook, Twitter and Slack (turns out, surprisingly annoying)

Shareable Front-end

My blog post gives an overview: "The core of the idea is to run an instance of Chrome alongside your backend. When a request comes in for a preview image you ask it to take a screenshot of the page you want to use as a preview which you then proxy back to the browser."

I remixed the details of how to talk to Chrome over the debugger protocol with setup instructions for installing Chrome on Linux (see medium and github) to get a Docker setup for this alongside my main app, which I then deployed on Heroku (

Note that the only bit I added was to make the Chrome instance run alongside the backend of the main app, the front-end of which it was screenshotting.


Docker / Heroku

docker build -t shartan-app .
docker run -e PORT=3002 -p 3002:3002 -it --rm --name running-shartan-app shartan-app


These are instructions to run this from "houseofmoran" docker hub repository.

Build and push to docker hub

export DOCKER_ID_USER="houseofmoran"
docker login
docker build -t houseofmoran/shartan:2.3.0 .
docker push houseofmoran/shartan:2.3.0

Push to k8s cluster

# assume kubectl using the content for your cluster
kubectl apply -f k8s/namespace.yaml # optional if namespace already created
export NAMESPACE=shartan
kubectl apply --namespace=${NAMESPACE} -f k8s/deployment.yaml
kubectl apply --namespace=${NAMESPACE} -f k8s/service.yaml
kubectl apply --namespace=${NAMESPACE} -f k8s/ingress.yaml


I recommend, unless you really need to test the preview functionality, you just use a standard create-react-app command i.e. npm run start. If you need run with Chrome for previews then you'll need:

# once:
alias chrome="/Applications/Google\\ Chrome"
chrome --headless --hide-scrollbars --remote-debugging-port=9222 --no-sandbox --disable-gpu &

# then, for each change you want to see:
npm run build
cd server
npm run start 3002