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Exposes a restful service + websocket to your Minecraft Server
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Exposes a restful service + Websocket to your Minecraft Server using NodeJS.

How to install:

Step 1: Get NodeJS.

Step 2:

Run the following command.

npm install

Step 3:

Configure your Minecraft Server and Log URL in the config.js

Step 4:

Run the application.

node app/bin/www

Your app should now be running on localhost:9000 or the port you defined in the config.js. There are two modes of retreiving the data: the restful service, or the websocket on the port the app is running on. For full effect, use the websocket ;)

Note: Not all servers will display the player names. You will need to configure your server to display the names of the users who are on that server. Make sure enable-query is true in your file.

Read more about server props @


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