The Java Agent to end all Java Agents
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The Java Agent to end all Java Agents.

The mikenakis-agentclaire logo
based on a piece of clip art found on the interwebz.


This creative work is explicitly published under No License. This means that I remain the exclusive copyright holder of this creative work, and you may not do anything with it other than view its source code and admire it. If you would like to do anything more with it, please contact me.

More information: - Open Source but No License


mikenakis-agentclaire is a Java Agent that can be used to simplify and optimize the process of examining and transforming bytecode during application startup.

More information: - GitHub project: mikenakis-agentclaire

Coding style

When I write code as part of a team of developers, I use the teams' coding style.
But when I write code for myself, I use my very own™ coding style.

More information: - On Coding Style