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gulp-shopify-upload is a Gulpjs plugin used to watch and upload theme files to Shopify. By using this plugin you can watch and deploy all of the different folders in a Shopify theme and have them automatically deploy to your Shopify store. This is more lightweight than using Shopifys inline theme editor or desktop theme editor, and works on all platforms that support Node (Windows, Mac and Linux).

This is a port of a similar plugin using Grunt called grunt-shopify, thank you to the author for making a great plugin for Shopify.


  • Uploads any file changes to Shopify in the folders: assets, layout, config, snippets, templates, locales.
  • Automatically uploads changes to the current working theme in Shopify unless a themeid is specified.
  • Supports incremental file changes as well as a full site deploy for continuous integration.
  • Lightweight and fast, changes are uploaded instantly.

Basic Usage

  1. Download whatever theme you are working on from Shopify to a local directory
  2. Create a private app in Shopify and get the API Key and Password for it.
  3. Your folder structure and gulpfile.js should have look something like below
|-- gulpfile.js
|-- assets/
|-- config/
|-- layout/
|-- locales/
|-- snippets/
|-- templates/

Example Gulpfile

// Gulp plugin setup
var gulp = require('gulp');
// Watches single files
var watch = require('gulp-watch');
var gulpShopify = require('gulp-shopify-upload');

gulp.task('shopifywatch', function() {
  return watch('./+(assets|layout|config|snippets|templates|locales)/**')
.pipe(gulpShopify('API KEY', 'PASSWORD', '', 'THEME ID'));

// Default gulp action when gulp is run
gulp.task('default', [
  1. The basic function call looks like
gulpShopify('API KEY', 'PASSWORD', '', 'THEME ID')
- `API KEY` is the API Key generated when creating a private app in Shopify
- `PASSWORD` is the Password generated when creating a private app in Shopify
- `` is the URL of your shop
- `THEME ID` is the ID of your theme and is **OPTIONAL**, if not passed in, the current working theme will be used
  1. Run npm install gulp gulp-watch gulp-shopify-upload
  2. Run gulp and edit one of your theme files, it should automatically be uploaded to Shopify

Advanced Usage

Customize Your Base Deployment Path If your project structure is different (perhaps you use Gulpjs to compile your theme to another directory), you can change the directory from which the plugin picks up files. To do so, simply provide an additional options hash to function call, with a basePath property.

var options = {
  "basePath": "some/other-directory/"

// With a theme id
gulpShopify('API KEY', 'PASSWORD', '', 'THEME ID', options)

// Without a theme id
gulpShopify('API KEY', 'PASSWORD', '', null, options)

Deploy the Entire Site You can also deploy the entire site for use with continuous integration.

gulp.task('deploy', ['build'], function() {
  return gulp.src('./+(assets|layout|config|snippets|templates|locales)/**')
    .pipe(gulpShopify('API KEY', 'PASSWORD', '', 'THEME ID'));

Created by Able Sense Media - 2015


gulp plugin to watch and upload files to Shopify for use in theme editing







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