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The WCF REST Contrib library adds the following functionality to the current WCF REST implementation:

  1. Automatic de/serialization based on Content-Type and Accept headers. De/serialization Overview
    1. Ships with the following formatters:
      1. Form url encoded Url Form Encoded Formatter Overview
      2. POX (Via DataContractSerializer, no namespaces/attributes, element order not enforced) POX Formatter Overview
      3. Xml (Via DataContractSerializer) Xml Formatter Overview
      4. Json (Via DataContractJsonSerializer) Json Formatter Overview
    2. Easily plug in your own custom formatters which can be mapped to a mime type. Custom Formatters Overview
  2. Ability to do per service or per operation authentication with your own custom handler. Web Authentication Overview
    1. Ships with a basic authentication handler. Basic Authentication Handler Overview
  3. Ability to declaratively set service host options for transfer mode, custom error handler and behavior/binding configuration. WebServiceHost Overview
    1. Ability to declaratively specify binding and behavior configuration on a service or contract while maintaining a “zero configuration” service. Declarative Binding & Behavior Overview
    2. Custom error handler behavior that enables you to provide your own custom handler. Custom Error Handler Overview
      1. Ships with the WCF REST Contrib WebErrorHandler which automatically serializes error message based on incoming message Accept header. This handler works in conjunction with the WCF REST Contrib WebException to pass http status and friendly error messages to the client. WebErrorHandler Overview
  4. HttpModule that automatically “removes” those pesky .svc extensions. Service Extension Remover Overview
  5. Ability to declaratively define an auto response redirect when a specified redirect querystring parameter is passed by the user. Auto Redirect Overview
  6. Ability to receive an entity body with a GET request. GET Request Entity Body Overview