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WebHelpers2 provides functions useful in web applications: generating HTML tags,
showing results a pageful at a time, etc.  It may be used with any web
framework or template engine.  A brief outline is below, but see the
documentation and module docstrings for a more complete list.

    Country codes, states and provinces.

    High-level container objects and dict/list helpers.

    Date/time helpers.  These currently format strings based on dates.

    A package of HTML-related helpers.

        A library for generating HTML tags with smart escaping.  All
        public symbols are imported into ``webhelpers.html``.

        High-level HTML tags, including form tags, hyperlinks, and 
        Javascript/CSS links.  The ``ModelTags`` class builds input
        tags from database records (for any kind of database).

        Helpers producing chunks of HTML. Also test-to-HTML and HTML-to-text

    Helpers for images, PDFs, etc.

    Miscellaneous helpers that are neither text, numeric, container, or date.

    Numeric helpers and number formatters.

    Helpers producing string output, suitable for both HTML and non-HTML

For support/question/patches, please use the `Pylons mailing list


WebHelpers2 depends on MarkupSafe_ and six_, and it can also use unidecode_ if
you have it installed.

.. _MarkupSafe:
.. _six:
.. _unidecode:
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