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@@ -13,11 +13,12 @@ particular skin to provide the site with additional features.
To override static resources using a "search path" much like a set of
skin layers, :app:`Pyramid` provides the concept of
-:term:`resource` overrides. See :ref:`overriding_resources_section`
+:term:`resource` overrides. See `Overriding Resources`_
for more information about resource overrides.
While there is no analogue to a skin layer search path for locating
Python code (as opposed to resources), :term:`view` code combined with
differing :term:`predicate` arguments can provide a good deal of
the same sort of behavior.
+.. _Overriding Resources:
@@ -16,9 +16,8 @@ application to run under multiprocess configurations, such as those
exposed by :term:`mod_wsgi`.
The easiest way to get started with ZODB in a :app:`Pyramid` application is
-to use the ZODB ``pyramid_zodb`` paster template. See
-:ref:`additional_paster_templates` for more information about using this
-template. However, the Paster template does not set up a ZEO-capable
+to use the ZODB ``pyramid_zodb`` paster template.
+However, the Paster template does not set up a ZEO-capable
application. This chapter shows you how to do that "from scratch".
Installing Dependencies

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