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Terra stopped working when the encore game version was release.

World of Tanks map off line viewer and battle design tool.

Gerneral info

Writen in using Visual Studio 13.

Update: 3/7/17

I have cleaned a lot of the code and also fixed some rendering issues. Render time is faster now. In this folder is the MSI installer for the latest version. I cant fix what I don't know about... let me know so I can fix problems.

SOME MAPS WONT LOAD! There are issues with Paris I can't fix. Paris is the only map that is not square.. Its a odd size 10x12 or something. Don't remember but my code can't handle non-square maps. It was my understanding that the bigworld engine only worked in square maps. This is proven now to be wrong. Any missing maps can be added to the map_list.txt file.. Instructions are inside. They may or may not load. Some maps use so much memory, I'm not sure how BigWorld loads them. I added code all over the place to recover memory after its use but still some maps are too big!

The code is rough and needs cleaned up and well commented. There are many unused functions and subs that are lingering in the code. Entire Modules containing code I started on like modDeferred.vb that are for setting up a FBO was started and never used... yet.

I am looking for help with this project to clean it up and find ways to speed up the rendering. A good start would be a getting all the shaders coded in 330 core. as it is now, its a hatbox of mixed versions.

The code is 100% mine other than the referenced DLLs.. Look in the Info.html for information on what DLLs im using and who wrote them.

Contact me at if you are interested in contributing.. or leave a comment.