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For Developers Only

If you are just using this bundle then this file is not for you!

Running Specs

This project relies on rvm and bundler for doing development. Its suggested you use the .rvmrc.sample file to set a project environment then

  1. install bundler
  2. run bundle install

Now you should be able to run both

  1. rake spec
  2. spec support/spec

Upgrading to RSpec 2

If you have been working on this project using rspec1 then its important when upgrading to rspec2, to use a separate gemset and install all gems from scratch, to avoid any pollution from the old gemset.

  • modify .rvmrc file (change the gemset e.g. to xxx_rspec2)
  • cd out and back into folder
  • check no gems are installed gem list --local
  • gem install bundler
  • bundle install

Now if things don't work we know its our fault