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New features
* RETS4R::Client::ResponseParser#parse_results: works with COMPACT-DECODED
* RETS4R::Client::CompactDataParser#parse_results: works without a
delimiter in response
* RETS4R::Client::CompactDataParser#parse_data: works without column names
in response
* RETS4R::Client::CompactNokogiriParser: yields data as it is read
* RETS4R::ListingMapper: added
Bug fixes
* RETS4R::Client#get_object: checks content-type
* RETS4R::Client::ResponseParser: no longer writes a temp file
Internal API changes
* RETS4R::Client::MetadataIndex: removed
Internal API changes
* RETS4R::Loader::load: parse from io, not file name
Bug fixes
* RETS4R::Client::CompactNokogiriParser: now parses long lines
New features
* RETS4R::Loader: added
* RETS4R::Client::CompactNokogiriParser: added
Other changes
* Examples use demo RETS server
* New parser example
Use gemcutter (Joseph Holsten)
* Rakefile: include GemcutterTasks
Fix rdoc reference (Joseph Holsten)
* README: renamed to README.rdoc
* Rakefile: likewise
* rets4r.gemspec: likewise
* CONTRIBUTORS: added Joseph Holsten
Merge example settings into a config file (Joseph Holsten)
Clean up testing (Joseph Holsten)
Merge many rets4r forks (Joseph Holsten)
ResponseParser#parse_common: should be _not_ equals (Jacob Basham)
(no change)
Client, ResponseParser#parse_common: Parser cleanup (Jacob Basham)
Client, Client#initialize, Client#create_query_string, Client#request:
Cleaned up files to be 80 skinny, added CGI escaping of data (Jacob Basham)
gemspec: fix date error (Jacob Basham)
gemspec: update (Jacob Basham)
ResponseParser#parse_key_value: Accept CARETS response (John Wulff)
ResponseParser#parse_key_value: Handle nils (John Wulff)
Strip key value pairs for CAPABILITY_LIST endpoints (John Wulff)
Add lib/rets4r to default load path (John Wulff)
See changes in 9f7ff731250abc1f73b21cb01d3a6fc3a6617e73 (John Wulff)
Parser#parse_compact_line: simplify split.
Parser#parse_data: remove legacy support.
Auth::authenticate: handle missing www-authenticate header.
Auth::parse_header: strip keys, values.
Client#initialize: method signature changed, removed options, added format.
Client#set_parser_class, Client#get_parser_class,
Client#parser_class, Client#parser_class=, Client#set_output,
Client#get_output, Client#output, Client#output=: removed, callers changed.
Lay groundwork for non-compact format requests
Client::DEFAULT_METHOD: changed to GET
Client::DEFAULT_USER_AGENT: changed to Firefox
Client#login: handle absolute uris
Client#parse: Removed. Changed callers to access parser directly.
Client#get_metadata: method signature changed, format removed. Use format instance variable.
Client#download_metadata: added
Client#get_object: handle text/xml responses
!!! Client#get_object: remove quote support from multipart boundary handling
Client#count: added
Client#basic_encode: added
!!! Client#create_query_string: Remove escaping on request query keys, values
Client#debug: removed, all calls inlined.
Client#RETSTransactionException: added
Parser#parse_compact_line now once again ignores beginning and ending delimiters. (Scott Patterson)
Parser#parse_data now ignores header fields that are nil or blank when stripped. (Scott Patterson)
Updated test to use the rets client version of the client, not hardcoded for post and get tests. (Scott Patterson)
Fixed auth issue with authenticate headers with spaces after commas. (Ken Wiesner, Scott Patterson)
When an exception is raised in the authentication parsing code, complain by raising
a new exception, but also report anything of interest at the same time: request,
response, response's body. (François Beausoleil)
Fixed Client#request to actually respect the specified request method instead of always using GET requests. (Scott Patterson)
Set default request method to POST since some RETS servers seem to have trouble with GET requests. (Scott Patterson)
Added example #set_pre_request_block. (François Beausoleil)
Allow a pre request block to be set for RETS4R::Client.
This allows the caller to change the request in any meaningful way, such as adding a
RETS-UA-Authorization header when appropriate. (François Beausoleil)
Better response handling of HTTP errors. Response codes > 300 other than 401 now raise an
HTTPError exception that encapsulates the HTTPResponse object.
401 errors raise a LoginError exception. (Scott Patterson)
Added in RETS specification error messages to reference. (Scott Patterson)
New Rakefile. Install the rake gem and do 'rake test' to run the tests. (François Beausoleil)
Added missing result parameter to Client#search's yield (Scott Patterson)
Added 1.7 to supported list and default version (François Beausoleil)
No longer sends empty (nil) headers (François Beausoleil)
Added debugging to HTTP output. (François Beausoleil, Scott Patterson)
Added support for multiple set-cookie headers in the server response (François Beausoleil)
Added basic search example (Scott Patterson)
Implied default value of \t in RETS4R::Client::Transaction#delimiter (François Beausoleil)
#get_metadata now returns the block's value or the results. (François Beausoleil)
Made sure #login always calls #logout if called with a block. #login returns the block's value
instead of results. (François Beausoleil)
New assertions that require Client to have Ruby-like accessors for attributes, instead of
getters and setters. Applied 'Rename Attribute' on @parser, because #get_parser_class
was returning the class of the parser's class, instead of the parser's class itself. (François Beausoleil)
Client#set_rets_version should take care to generate the correct RETS-Version header,
and #get_rets_version should undo the changes that #set_rets_version did before
returning the value. (François Beausoleil)
Don't rescue an exception that's not being processed in Parser. (François Beausoleil)
RETS4R::Client#get_object extensions: yield or return the array of DataObject instances;
changed the multipart/parallel response boundary processing rules
(include \r\n in the boundary detection); added documentation. (François Beausoleil)
Added GetObject example (Scott Patterson)
Changed #get_object now yields each DataObject if a block is given rather
than an array of DataObjects (Scott Patterson)
Added Action-URL support per the specification.
Added a secondary_response accessor to the Transaction object, which is what the Action-URL result is stored in.
Fixed a bug with loggers and parsers
Fixed RParser support, which now means you can use REXML.
RParser now retries XML that produced a parser error after trying to clean it.
Parser support is now more open so that more parsers can be easily added in the future.
Reorganized parser file layout.
CParser will only be loaded if libxml (its dependency) is present. If it is, it is the default
Added more parser unit tests.
Renamed CParser to XMLParser and RPARSER to REXML, both with the hierarchy RETS4R::Client::Module.
Fixed a bug with the parser output not being set properly.
Fixed a bug with the parser not respecting the DELIMITER value and insisting on tab delimiters.
Added support for using a logger
Added more defaults to the search options (Count => '0', Format => 'COMPACT')
Added some Rubyisms (blocks can now be given to #new, #login, #get_metadata, #get_object, and #search)
Added support for reading the results count for searches.
Initial GEM Version