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* Unit Tests (We need METADATA!)
Add support for
* Standard (non-compact) XML
* More Examples
* More Documentation
* Reply Codes (Readable Meaning)
* A search convenience method that makes subsequent requests if maxrows is true.
* Extend examples so they are useful replacements for SimpleRETS
* Shared configuration between examples
* 1.7 Compliance and support
* GetMetadata
Possible To-do Items
* RETS 1.0
* RETS 2.0 (May not be necessary since it is now SOAP based, but it would be nice to have a consistent API)
* Running a RETS Server
* Update Actions
* Password Change Transaction
* Get Transaction
* HTTPS Support
* Simple mapping to ActiveRecord
* remove devver link from readme
* add metric_fu
* remove runcoderun link
* set up integrety on heroku