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Silly utilities, by Mike Ledger.
Put them in your $PATH to use them properly.
- GNU coreutils
- X (for flashing, panic and trip) although some other display method that
SDL supports would work fine too.
- SDL_gfx
- optipng
- dash
- ompload
- zsh
alarm {in|at} [time] {h|m|s}: an alarm clock.
Example usage:
alarm in 3 s
Sets the alarm to ring in 3 seconds.
alarm in 6 h
Sets the alarm to ring in 6 hours.
alarm at 06:00:00
Sets the alarm for 6 AM. The times it accepts are in 24 hour format.
finder [string]: finds strings in files/folders/names.
foornt [file]: checks if a file is open.
lidwatch: a daemon to turn the screen on/off depending on whether the lid is
open or closed.
magicalshot: used by magicshot. Don't run this manually.
magicshot: screenshot utility. It will take a screenshot, optimise the png of
it, get a description of the screenshot, upload it to using ompload
and then save the description, link and filename to a file for later usage.
prepend [string]: prepend a string to a file.
rpath [file:///blahblah]: remove the file:// from the argument
shrs {suspend|shutdown|halt|reboot|restart|hibernate}: shutdown, hibernate,
reboot and suspend without being root.
toggle [process]: "toggles" the running of a process.
Example usage:
toggle xcompmgr -c -t-5 -l-5 -r4.2 -o.65
If xcompmgr is running, toggle will kill it. If not, it will run it
(arguments are preserved)
xarchive: use this for xarchiver + firefox. Firefox gives applications file:///
URIs and xarchiver and other applications don't know what to do with that.