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This code basically interacts with GPS data uploaded from GPS Tracker by Instamapper for Android phones.

See for more details on installing the app and activating.

The code I have written will perdiodically (dependent on how often you run the import script scripts/getgpsdata.php)
retrieve and will import into a local database.  You can then use this data for various purposes such as displaying
current position (Location::getLastLocation) on map.

The 'tracks' stored in the database basically get a tag based on todays date Ymd, so all data points on a particular
date will be assumed to be part of the same track for that day.

A KML file can be generated for a track (KmlLibrary::write), this can be done periodically with scripts/writekml.php in
a cron job to keep 'todays' track constantly updated.  These KML files can then be displayed on a map.