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Clisk is a Clojure based DSL/library for procedural image generation.

You can use it for:

  • Creating 2D material textures for games
  • Building fractal images / artwork
  • Generating 3D or 4D textures for raytracing (e.g. in Enlight:
  • Creating patterns (e.g. randomly generated maps)

The core operation of Clisk is taking an image description using the Clisk DSL as input and creating a bitmap images as output. You can create images of arbitrary size as long as they fit in memory.

Clisk is intended to be used from Clojure in a REPL environment, but can also with a little effort be used from Java.

Build Status

Example code and resulting image

;; Create a Voronoi map based on a mathematical function
(def vblocks 
  (v* 5.0 
        `(Math/sqrt (- (* ~'y ~'y) (* ~'x ~'x))))))

;; Render an texture using the Voronoi map as a height-field
(show (render-lit 
        (seamless vplasma) 
        (v+ (v* 0.2 (seamless 0.2 (rotate 0.1 plasma))) 
            (v* 0.6 vblocks))))

Voronoi rocks

For more examples see the Wiki


The best way to get started with clisk is to install it from Clojars using either leiningen or Maven.

Once you have Clisk specified as a dependency, you should be able to get going with the key functionality as follows:

(use '
(show (checker red white))


  • A concise DSL for specifying image generators through function composition
  • Multi-dimensional texture generation (e.g. 4D textures including time dimension for animations)
  • Fast image synthesis thanks to compiled image generation functions (typically sub-second generation 256*256 4x antialiased textures)
  • Anti-aliasing (arbitrary precision)
  • A wide variety of patterns and transforms, e.g. Voronoi maps, Perlin Noise
  • Easily extensible with your own image generation functions
  • Ability to render surfaces with shading based on 3D heightmaps

Plasma Globe


Clisk is open source, licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)