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Library of fast random number generation functions
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Library of fast random number generation functions.

These are fast, decent quality pseudo-random numbers intended for simulations, games etc.

Cryptographic strength PRNG generation is not an objective. If you use Randomz for cryptography then don't blame me if you get hacked :-)


The main advantage of Randomz is that it produces faster random numbers.

In fact, it can be over 150% faster than java.util.Random. See the output below from the Caliper-based performance Benchmark:

     benchmark    ns linear runtime
    JavaRandom 20.53 ==============================
  MikeraRandom  7.63 ===========

The ns timings above are effectively the time required to create a single long random number - i.e. Randomz can create about 120 million random longs per second.

Randomz achieves this high level of performance by replacing the standard Java PRNG algorithm with the excellent XORShift algorithm by George Marsaglia.


Randomz provides:

  • A faster replacement for java.util.Random
  • Various implementations of useful randomized algorithms
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