Fast and flexible numerical library for Java featuring N-dimensional arrays
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Vectorz Logo

Fast double-precision vector and matrix maths library for Java, based around the concept of N-dimensional arrays.

This library is designed for use in games, simulations, raytracers, machine learning etc. where fast vector maths is important.

Some highlights:

  • Vectorz can do over 1 billion 3D vector operations per second on a single thread.
  • Specialised matrix types for efficient optimised operations (identity, diagonal, sparse etc.).
  • Support for arbitrary n-dimensional numerical arrays.


Vectorz is reasonably mature, battle tested and being used in production applications. The API is still evolving however as new features get added so you can expect a few minor changes, at least until version 1.0.0

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See the Vectorz Wiki

Example usage

    Vector3 v=Vector3.of(1.0,2.0,3.0);		
    v.normalise();                       // normalise v to a unit vector
    Vector3 d=Vector3.of(10.0,0.0,0.0);		
    d.addMultiple(v, 5.0);               // d = d + (v * 5)
	Matrix33 m=Matrixx.createXAxisRotationMatrix(Math.PI);
	Vector3 rotated=m.transform(d);      // rotate 180 degrees around x axis	    

Key features

  • Supports double typed vectors of arbitrary size
  • Both mutable and immutable vectors are supported, enabling high performance algorithms
  • Support for any size matrices, including higher dimensional (NDArray) matrices
  • Ability to create lightweight view vectors (e.g. to access subranges of other vectors)
  • Library of useful mathematical functions on vectors
  • Vectors have lots of utility functionality implemented - Cloneable, Serializable, Comparable etc.
  • Various specialised types of vectors/matrices types (e.g. identity matrices, diagonal matrices)
  • Support for affine and other matrix transformations
  • sparse arrays for space efficient large vectors and matrices where most elements are zero
  • Operator system provides composable operators that can be applied to array elements
  • Input / output of vectors and matrices - in various formats including readable edn format

Vectorz is designed to allow the maximum performance possible for vector maths on the JVM.

This focus has driven a number of important design decisions:

  • Support for sparse vectors and other specialised array types
  • Specialised primitive-backed small vectors (1,2,3 and 4 dimensions) and matrices (1x1, 2x2, 3x3 and M*3)
  • Abstract base classes preferred over interfaces to allow more efficient method dispatch
  • Multiple types of vector are provided for optimised performance in special cases
  • Hard-coded fast paths for most common 2D and 3D operations
  • Vector operations are generally not thread safe, by design
  • Concrete classes are generally final

If you have a use case that isn't yet well optimised then please post an issue - the aim is to make all common operations as efficient as possible.