A minimal harness for playing with the java-cloudant library
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Java Cloudant Client - Experiment Harness

This is a minimal app write a document to a Couch or Cloudant database using the Cloudant Java client library library.

It's main purpose is to demo the library and provide a harness for exploring the libraries features. It also provides a base for anyone finding bugs in the library -- it's hopefully easy to add code into the example which demonstrates a bug to help us (the library devs) to reproduce the problem and fix it.


  1. Java SE v7 or above.

Getting started

First, make sure you can run the existing code -- this will tease out any issues in your environment.

  1. Open src/main/java/searchindex/Main.java.
  2. Fix the CloudantClient create line with appropriate account and credentials.
  3. Update the Database create line with a database that the provided credentials have admin access for (as we create a design doc).
  4. Save Main.java and run using ./gradlew run.

You should see gradle being downloaded, the app being built and finally a run of the app. The app will create a search index in the database, which can be verified with curl or the Cloudant dashboard.

Reproducing bugs

  1. Either
    • fill in your code in src/main/java/searchindex/Main.java, or
    • create a new Main.java and update the mainClassName in build.gradle.
  2. Run using ./gradlew run.
  3. Zip up your project and submit it to Cloudant support.