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#### Testing
Rivets.js uses [Jasmine]( as the testing framework. You can run the test suite with `grunt spec` or by opening */spec/index.html*.
+## Contributing
+#### Bug Reporting
+1. Ensure the bug can be reproduced on the latest master release.
+2. Open an issue on GitHub and include an isolated JSFiddle demonstration of the bug. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to validate and fix.
+#### Pull Requests
+1. Fork the repository and create a topic branch.
+2. Be sure to associate commits to their corresponding issue using `[#1]` or `[Closes #1]` if the commit resolves the issue.
+3. Make sure not to commit any changes under `lib/` as they will surely cause merge conflicts with other's changes. Files under `lib/` are only committed when a new build is released.
+4. Include tests for your changes and make them pass.
+5. Push to your fork and submit a pull-request with an explanation and reference to the issue number(s).

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