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building from scratch

  • cd client
  • npm install
  • cd semantic
  • gulp build
  • yes to RTL, otherwise take all defaults
  • cd ../../server
  • go build && docker-compose up -d && docker exec server_mongo_1 mongo /fixtures/fixtures.js

development commands

restart the server, from server/

  • go build && docker restart server_echo_1 && docker logs --tail=1 -f server_echo_1

recompile javascript, from client/

  • webpack


  • make sure phantomjs is installed globally: sudo npm install -g phantomjs
  • cd test
  • npm install
  • npm test

add local ip hostname to selenium nodes from server_selenium_chrome_1: echo " dev" >> /etc/hosts

I created a second device to store all docker stuff. This is visible via "ps aux | grep docker"; the "-g /mnt" part. When restarting the VM, you need to "sudo su -; mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb /mnt; /etc/init.d/docker restart". This will tell the docker daemon, which is configured to look at /mnt, where to look for images.

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