Integrate with the Moneywave API (Flutterwave) for payments and transfers in your JavaScript/Node.js/Sails.js app.
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Integrate with the Moneywave API (Flutterwave) for payments and transfers in your JavaScript/Node.js/Sails.js app.


Installation   NPM version

To install this package, run:

$ npm install machinepack-moneywave --save

Then require it from the actions or helpers in your Sails app, a command-line script, or any other Node.js module.


For the latest usage, version information, and test status of this module, see The generated manpages for each machine contain a complete reference of all expected inputs, possible exit states, and example return values. If you need more help, or find a bug, jump into our chat room or leave a message in the project newsgroup.


As a machinepack, this package implements a set of declarative interfaces, conventions, and best-practices for integrating with other software. This loyal adherence to the specification enables the (re)use of built-in generic test suites, standardized documentation, reasonable expectations around the API for your users, and overall, a more pleasant development experience for everyone.

Documentation pages for the machines contained in this module (as well as all other NPM-hosted machines for Node.js) are automatically generated and kept up-to-date on the public registry. Learn more at

See the documentation for actions2 for Node.js/Sails.js, or check out other recommended support options.

Contributing   Build Status   Build status on Windows

Please observe the guidelines and conventions laid out in the Sails project contribution guide when opening issues or submitting pull requests.


Bugs   NPM version

To report a bug, click here.


This package is available under the MIT license.

As for the Sails.js framework and Node Machine Project? They're free and open-source under the MIT License too.

MIT © 2017 Mike McNeil, Sails Co.