Some tools for testing MRAID creatives on actual devices
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Tools for testing MRAID creatives

I've been having trouble finding a good way test out MRAID creative in a
realistic environment (acutally on a device). Interaction with a touchscreen
is much different than on a desktop, so it seems really natural to me to want
to check an ad on a real device. There are a whole bunch of reasons why. But
there weren't tools around that made it possible.

MRAID is a public standard:

And fortunately the good folks at MoPub have open sourced their SDK, which
includes MRAID support:

So most of the parts are there. One aspect that the MRAID spec doesn't cover
however is actual ad delivery to the device. So these are some bits I hacked
together so that I can load my own data into the MoPub test apps to play
around with.

It'll probably be pretty rough getting this stuff working if you want to try
it on your own, but if you do you'll be able to get ads onto actual devices
to try out. And you'll be able to do it without having to actually flight the
ad on a network to do so.

- you'll need a checkout of the mopub-client repo
- a working dev environment for Android and/or iOS
- a server that can run a super simple PHP script
- the script from the serve directory in this repo (serve_mraid.php)
- an MRAID creative to test

- best to start off with putting the PHP code up on a server somewhere. You'll
  need the public hostname of the server and the location of the script, cause
  we're going to fill those into the SDK. Best to check the script with curl
  to make sure everything is working properly:
  curl --dump-header -
- if you're trying this out on Android (I use Eclipse for Android)
  - import "existing project into workspace" for mopub-android-sdk
  - import "existing project into workspace" for mopub-android-simpleadsdemo
  - go into
    - update HOST to the hostname of your server
    - update AD_HANDLER to the path of the PHP script
  - now when you run the test app it'll pull content from your server
- if you're trying to test the ads on iOS (instructions for XCode)
  - use File / Open to open the SimpleAdsDemo project from the mopub SDK
  - go into the MPConstants.h file and change HOSTNAME to your server name
  - in MPAdManager.m change serverRequestURL to form urlString with your path
    instead of /m/ad
  - now you can run the test on iOS and it'll pull your ad creative
- the server_mraid.php script is setup to support the two ad unit IDs used in
  the test application and get the size right. The ads just load with a block
  of red filling the creative area. And when you tap the ad it expands to
  fullscreen and changes the background color to gree. Swapping out the actual
  text in the serve_mraid.php script is the only way to change it right now,
  ghetto, sorry.

Alternate method: HTTP Proxy
Setting up a system-wide HTTP proxy on iOS is trivial, under the settings for
an individual network when you're on wifi. So an alternative method if you
don't want to compile iOS and Android applications of your own is to setup an
HTTP proxy that swaps in the ads you want. I have a fork of Hoxy I've been
using for this:

Just setup a rule like this, point your iOS device to whatever port hoxy is
running on (8080 by default), and run any app with the advertising network
you're looking to test:

request: if $host eq "", $host.set-to("") $url.replace("/m/ad", "/serve_mraid.php")

Assuming you have serve_mraid.php setup to serve the ad creative you want,
you'll be able to test it out in an actual application.