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Meta repository to share RPi-QEMU-x86-wine SD-card images
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RPi-QEMU-x86-wine SD-card image


This Raspberry Pi image enables you to run x86 Linux and Windows applications on a Raspberry Pi (all models inc pi3). The build is based on the information found in the following thread:

Notepad Screenshot

(Originally based on AlbrechtL's Wheezy image - updated to work with Pi Zero, and Pi3 )


Latest Stretch version:


  • You will need an 8 GB SD-card

  • Unpack the image

  • Copy the image to a SD-card

      # sudo dd bs=4M if=20150924_RPi-QEMU-x86-wine.img /dev/mmcblk
  • Put the SD-card into your Raspberry Pi


Two user are available

  • Username: pi

  • Password: raspberry

  • Username: root

  • Password: 123456

To run x86 Linux and Windows programs just run the "start_x86env_wine-user" script as the "pi" user in a terminal.

# sudo /home/pi/start_x86env_wine-user

Now you are in a Debian wheezy i386 enviroment and you can try to load any x86 program. Inside the chroot enviroment you are logged in as the user "wine-user".

To run Windows programs just run "wine". Notepad example:

# wine ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/notepad.exe

If you would like to use programs that need super user access like "apt-get" run the script "/home/pi/start_x86env_root" instead of "start_x86env_wine-user":

# sudo /home/pi/start_x86env_root

Included Software


Don't expect a super fast PC! The x86 emulation is done by QEMU in software. Some people said it is as fast as a 300 MHz Pentium PC. But benchmarks a welcome!

More Information

Please read the following threads:

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