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EMS flasher for the GB USB smart card 64M, a flash cartridge for GameBoy.

The hardware can be obtained from:

Original URL:

Original about

The EMS flasher is a simple command line flasher for the 64 Mbit EMS USB flash cart for Game Boy.

This software was written by Mike Ryan <mikeryan \at> and others (see the AUTHORS file)

For more information, see the web site at:


To build ems-flasher pkg-config and libusb are needed. Additionally, OS X requires coreutils and gawk.

On OS X, install the prerequisites using:

brew install pkg-config libusb coreutils gawk

(thanks to hyarion for this info)

On Ubuntu/Debian you can install them by:

sudo apt-get install pkg-config libusb-1.0-0-dev

Building and Installing

./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

After running ./, make sure the installation path of the binary (BINDIR), the menu ROMs (DATADIR) and the manual page (MANDIR) suit you. If not, you must run the tool again by specifying the desired paths. Use the --help option to get the list of all options. If ems-flasher is ran from the build directory, it will use the menu ROMs located in the same directory, not the one selected with so you can use the software without installing it.

On Linux, udev rules ensuring access to users to the USB device without requiring root privileges will be installed on make install. Use make install-udevrules to install only the rules, without the sofware.


Please consult the manual (ems-flasher(1)) for usage instructions. You can read the manual without installing it with: man -l ./ems-flasher.1.


Preferably use the bug tracker on GitHub:

You can also send em to mikeryan \at

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EMS Flasher for the GB USB smart card 64M GameBoy flash cartridge




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