Heroku-ready, customizable Sinatra landing page that integrates with MailChimp.
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Email Landing Page

A simple, customizable landing page for email signup, based on Rack and Sinatra. The current version has MailChimp and Google Analytics integration.

Please visit the live demo on Heroku and join the project mailing list


  1. $ git clone git://github.com/quartzmo/email-landing-page.git
  2. $ cd email-landing-page
  3. $ rm -rf .git
  4. $ bundle install
  5. Register for a free MailChimp account and generate an API key (required).
  6. Edit app.rb, adding your MailChimp API key and list name (required).
  7. Modify public/index.html, replacing sample content with your own.
  8. If you want Google Analytics, edit config.ru, uncomment the indicated lines, and add your Google Analytics account ID (optional).
  9. $ bundle exec rackup to start the app locally on port 9292.
  10. Test locally.
  11. Register for a free Heroku account (optional).
  12. Follow instructions to deploy to Heroku, using the Cedar stack if desired (optional).
  13. Configure custom domain name with Heroku.

Todo: Full instructions including Heroku deployment


Inspired by alphabetum/landing-page.