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All of these libraries are cross-platform. node-glfw provides a Javascript wrapper to access native methods in GLFW and AntTweakBar. See example of usage in node-webgl/test/cube.js.
Installation (Mac, Linux)
Install GLFW and make sure examples are working. For convenience, install GLFW into your system lib/include path.
Once dependent libraries are installed, do
npm install node-gyp
npm install --save bindings nan
node-gyp rebuild
Install AntTweakBar and make sure its GLFW samples are working. For convenience, install AntTweakBar libraries in your system lib path.
Installation (Mac)
Use Homebrew
brew install glfw3 anttweakbar glew
Install GLEW and make sure its tests programs are working such as visualinfo. You should install GLEW in your system lib/include path.
Installation (Linux)
Use apt-get or similar package manager
sudo apt-get install libxrandr-dev libxinerama-dev libxcursor-dev libfreeimage-dev libglew-dev
Now you can install node-glfw, the usual way: npm install node-glfw.
Download AntTweakBar
cd AntTweakBar/src
sudo cp ../include/* /usr/local/include
sudo cp ../liblibAntTweakBar.* /usr/local/lib
Download GLFW3 (do not use ```apt-get install libglfw-dev```, it is wrong version)
cd glfw
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
Installation (Windows)

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