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A set of community resources for Red Discordbot
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Whats here?

Various addons for Red Discordbot. Most of these are focused around utility purposes.


This cog provides automated actions against people spamming mentions.

Configuration is available via the antimentionspam command.


This cog provides a few functions for handling bans across multiple servers.

More help is available via help BanSync


This cog provides a means to create, store, and send embedded messages from the bot.

Full documentation is still pending, but a robust example is available here for now


Allows blacklisting guilds by ID or the owner's ID


Allows whitelisting guilds by ID or the owner's ID


Provides a quick way to reference other messages without needing to jump to them to view.


Mirror messages sent in a channel to other channels.



  • Reaction roles
  • Self roles
  • Purchasable roles
  • User list data based on roles
  • Mass Role modifications

Note: Roles self assigned via reaction or command are subject to the settings configured in the roleset command.


Provides two seperate ways to allow users to create temporary channels.

For command based temporary voice channels, see the tempchannelset command

For temporary channels generated automatically, see the autoroomset command


Periodic RSS updates to channels.

For more information, use help RSS


Allows scheduling commands.

For more information, use help Scheduler


Feel free to ask for help with these in This Discord

If you'd like to see additional features or find a bug, leave an issue or make a pull request

What about the other cogs not listed here?

Use at your own risk, they are disabled or hidden due to me not feeling they are ready for use.

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