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Documentation Status

This library is beta. Please report any bugs you find.

This is a library to interact with app-ethereum, the Ethereum app for the Ledger hardware wallets. It's goal is to make interfacing with the Ledger easy.


Here’s the quickest way to get started.

pip install ledgereth

Please see the ledgereth documentation for more detailed information.


Ledger Devices

This lib has been tested to work on Ledger Nano S and Nano X. It will probalby work with Ledger Blue and any devices the ledgerblue library and ledger-app-eth supports.

Ledger Account Derivations

The Ledger-provided desktop apps have changed the way accounts are derived with the release of Ledger Live. If you created your Ledger account(s) with the older Chrome app and want to use those account(s) with this library, you will need to set the LEDGER_LEGACY_ACCOUNTS env var. You can only use one or the other at a time. See the notes in source for more information.