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Scatter Daemon

This is a client for This client can act as a hoster and validator. For bidding to get IPFS files pinned, use the dapp at

NOTE: Please see the below "Security Considerations" section before running the node yourself.


This package includes daemons for hosting and validation. They are generally used as an automated system. You can bring up the docker instance and just leave it running and earn Ether!

NOTE: Keep in mind, you will only get paid if you keep files pinned for the entire requested duration. If you instance drops out or you lose the files, you will not be compensated.


The validator validates, or confirms, that IPFS files are actually pinned to the network. It uses your IPFS server to validate that bidded files have been pinned by the hoster.


The hoster actually processes bids and pins files that match your filter parameters.

Security Considerations

It's recommended to use the docker containers given for this system. They take all of the below into account.

Validator Daemon

The validator daemon requires a running IPFS node with an IPFS API available to the daemon. This is usually easily achieved by firewalling the API to only accept localhost connections. However, keep in mind that any users of this system will be able to make requests.

Hoster Daemon

The hoster daemon requires an IPFS node with a public IPFS API. This, obviously, is not ideal in most situations, but it's the only way for validators to verify that pins exist. The provided Docker containers include an HTTP firewall that limit requests to only the relevant IPFS HTTP API URIs. If you decide to roll your own, do not leave the HTTP API open for all. Using the IPFS HTTP API, they can add files and pins to your node on a whim. There are plans to add auth and permissions to the IFPS daemon but they are not currently available.


The scatter daemon for hosting and validating.



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