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metafile.json is a file that holds your project state. SolidByte may store things like your default account, or the addresses for your contract deployments.

If you're working in a team, it may be a good idea to check this in to your VCS.

WARNING: If you lose this file, SolidByte will have no idea if your contracts are already deployed or not. This could cause duplicate or broken deployments of your contracts. It's also a great idea to at least back it up if you aren't commiting it to a VCS.

WARNING: Editing this file manually, while an option, may cause Solidbyte to behave unexpectedly. Edit it at your own risk and make sure to back it up. See the command: :ref:`metafile-command`

Example metafile.json

Here's an example structure of the metafile.json file:

  "contracts": [
      "name": "ExampleContract",
      "networks": {
        "1": {
          "deployedHash": "0xdeadbeef...",
          "deployedInstances": [
              "hash": "0xdeadbeef...",
              "date": "2018-10-21 00:00:00T-7",
              "address": "0xdeadbeef...",
              "abi": [],
  "seenAccounts": [
  "defaultAccount": "0x208B6deadbeef..."
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