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Talk To Your Functions

How to build chatbots with DialogFlow, Azure Functions, and F#

This repository is related to a presentation I gave at the 2018 Prairie Dev Conn in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

The slides can be found at

Here you will find both the source code for an Azure Function App, as well as the exported zip file of the related DialogFlow agent.


You will need to have the following installed to run this code:

  • .NET Core 2.0
  • Azure Functions Core Tools (beta)
  • F#
  • Visual Studio Code
  • ngrok


Azure Function App

In the src folder you will find the the Azure Function App. It is written in F#, and acts as the fulfillment logic for a DialogFlow agent.

DialogFlow Agent

You can create the DialogFlow agent for yourself by importing using the DialogFlow Console.

  1. Log into DialogFlow
  2. Create a new agent called BirthdayGreeting
  3. Click on Export and Import
  4. Click on Import From Zip and follow the instructions

Run the app locally

  1. Run the Function App by pressing F5 in VS Code
  2. Run ngrok http 7071
  3. Configure the fulfillment URL in DialogFlow to use your ngrok https URL, followed by the function route /api/BirthdayGreeting
  4. Use the Google Assistant test console in DialogFlow to test the app