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MiniCoffeeCup = require '../js/mini-coffeecup'
assert = require('chai').assert
describe 'MiniCoffeeCup', ->
coffeecup = template = out = _expecting = locals = undefined
expecting = (s)-> _expecting = s
beforeEach ->
template = out = _expecting = ''
locals = {}
coffeecup = new MiniCoffeeCup format: false, autoescape: false # defaults
afterEach ->
out = coffeecup.render template, locals
if _expecting is ''
console.log JSON.stringify out
assert false, 'no expectation set'
assert.equal out, _expecting
assert.ok typeof doctype is 'undefined' # ensure no global leaks
it 'renders tags with no ending', ->
template = ->
expecting '<div></div>'
it 'renders tags with attribute objects, with no ending', ->
template = ->
div id: 'hamster'
expecting '<div id="hamster"></div>'
it 'renders tags with attribute objects, ending with string', ->
template = ->
div id: 'block-1', class: 'block', 'content'
expecting "<div id=\"block-1\" class=\"block\">content</div>"
it 'renders tags with attribute objects, ending with function', ->
template = ->
div id: 'block-1', class: 'block', ->
text 'content'
expecting "<div id=\"block-1\" class=\"block\">content</div>"
it 'renders html comments alone', ->
template = ->
comment 'humans'
expecting '<!--humans-->'
it 'renders html comments with functions', ->
template = ->
comment 'humans', ->
div id: 'are', 'kind of smelly'
expecting "<!--humans<div id=\"are\">kind of smelly</div>-->"
it 'renders all html5 tags, including "var" tag using markup()', ->
template = ->
markup '<var></var>'
expecting "<!doctype html><a></a><abbr></abbr><address></address><area/><article></article><aside></aside><audio></audio><b></b><base/><bdi></bdi><bdo></bdo><blockquote></blockquote><body></body><br/><button></button><canvas></canvas><caption></caption><cite></cite><code></code><col/><colgroup></colgroup><command></command><data></data><datagrid></datagrid><datalist></datalist><dd></dd><del></del><details></details><dfn></dfn><div></div><dl></dl><dt></dt><em></em><embed></embed><eventsource></eventsource><fieldset></fieldset><figcaption></figcaption><figure></figure><footer></footer><form></form><h1></h1><h2></h2><h3></h3><h4></h4><h5></h5><h6></h6><head></head><header></header><hgroup></hgroup><hr/><html></html><i></i><iframe></iframe><img/><input/><ins></ins><kbd></kbd><keygen></keygen><label></label><legend></legend><li></li><link/><mark></mark><map></map><menu></menu><meta/><meter></meter><nav></nav><noscript></noscript><object></object><ol></ol><optgroup></optgroup><option></option><output></output><p></p><param/><pre></pre><progress></progress><q></q><ruby></ruby><rp></rp><rt></rt><s></s><samp></samp><script></script><section></section><select></select><small></small><source></source><span></span><strong></strong><style></style><sub></sub><summary></summary><sup></sup><table></table><tbody></tbody><td></td><textarea></textarea><tfoot></tfoot><th></th><thead></thead><time></time><title></title><tr></tr><track></track><u></u><ul></ul><video></video><wbr></wbr><var></var>"
it 'can autoescape text and attributes', ->
coffeecup = new MiniCoffeeCup autoescape: true
template = ->
p "& D'oh! ><"
div data: "& D'oh! ><"
text "& D'oh! ><"
expecting "<p>&amp; D&#39;oh! &gt;&lt;</p><div data=\"&amp; D&#39;oh! &gt;&lt;\"></div>&amp; D&#39;oh! &gt;&lt;"
it 'renders local variables', ->
locals = user: name: 'Jimmy'
template = ->
p "Welcome #{}!"
expecting "<p>Welcome Jimmy!</p>"
it 'renders handlebars markup', ->
locals = title: 'Christmas List'
template = ->
p 'Hello, {{name}}!'
p 'Here are your Christmas lists ({{santa_laugh}}):'
table ->
thead ->
tr ->
block 'each children, name', ->
th '{{name}}'
tbody ->
tr ->
block 'each children, name', ->
td ->
block 'each list', ->
ul ->
li '{{this}}'
expecting "<p>Hello, {{name}}!</p><p>Here are your Christmas lists ({{santa_laugh}}):</p><table><thead><tr>{{each children, name}}<th>{{name}}</th>{{/each}}</tr></thead><tbody><tr>{{each children, name}}<td>{{each list}}<ul><li>{{this}}</li></ul>{{/each}}</td>{{/each}}</tr></tbody></table>"
it 'can iterate local variables', ->
# test borrowed from ck lib
locals =
title: 'my first website!'
posts: [{
name: 'Mike'
comment: 'Hello'
name: 'Bob'
comment: 'How are you?'
template = ->
doctype 5
html ->
head ->
title @title
body ->
div id: 'content', ->
for post in @posts
div class: 'post', ->
div post.comment
form method: 'post', ->
ul ->
li -> input name: 'name'
li -> textarea name: 'comment'
li -> input type: 'submit'
expecting "<!doctype html><html><head><title>my first website!</title></head><body><div id=\"content\"><div class=\"post\"><p>Mike</p><div>Hello</div></div><div class=\"post\"><p>Bob</p><div>How are you?</div></div></div><form method=\"post\"><ul><li><input name=\"name\"/></li><li><textarea name=\"comment\"></textarea></li><li><input type=\"submit\"/></li></ul></form></body></html>"
it 'renders style and script tags', ->
template = ->
style '''
body {font-family: sans-serif}
header, nav, section, footer {display: block}
script '''
console.log('how are you');
expecting "<style>body {font-family: sans-serif}\nheader, nav, section, footer {display: block}</style><script>alert('hello!');\nconsole.log('how are you');</script>"
it 'renders plain text'
# template = ->
# p ->
# text 'hello'
# strong 'this is the hard way'
# '.'
# expecting "<p>hello<strong>this is the hard way</strong>.</p>"
it 'returns rendered output as string with render()'
# template = ->
# p "This text could use #{render -> a href: '/', 'a link'}."
it 'renders markup manually', ->
template = ->
markup '<var>tag is annoying in coffeescript/javascript</var>'
expecting "<var>tag is annoying in coffeescript/javascript</var>"
it 'renders ie conditional comments', ->
template = ->
ie 'gte IE8', ->
link href: 'ie.css', rel: 'stylesheet'
expecting "<!--[if gte IE8]><link href=\"ie.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\"/><![endif]-->"
it 'optionally renders formatted output', ->
coffeecup = new MiniCoffeeCup format: true
template = ->
doctype 5
html ->
head ->
meta charset: 'utf-8'
title "#{@title or 'Untitled'} | A completely plausible website"
meta(name: 'description', content: @description) if @description?
link rel: 'stylesheet', href: '/css/app.css'
expecting "<!doctype html><html>\n <head>\n <meta charset=\"utf-8\"/>\n <title>Untitled | A completely plausible website</title>\n <link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"/css/app.css\"/>\n </head>\n</html>\n"
it 'renders selector-style #id and .class names', ->
template = ->
div '#hamster', ->
div '.cat', ->
div '#gerbil.rat', ->
expecting "<div id=\"hamster\"><div class=\"cat\"><div id=\"gerbil\" class=\"rat\"></div></div></div>"
it 'renders with compiled coffeescript', ->
template = ->
coffeescript ->
jQuery ->
alert 'Alerts suck!'
expecting "<script>return jQuery(function() {\n return alert('Alerts suck!');\n });</script>"
it 'renders with compiled stylus'
it 'can compile to a function'
it 'can render a partial by reading a file from a relative path'
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