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;;; cogen-driver.scm
;;; driver for the compiler generator
;;; copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998 by Peter Thiemann
;;; non-commercial use is free as long as the original copright notice
;;; remains intact
;;; the main entry point
;;; `job-file' contains a list of file names which contain the source
;;; code and declarations for the current project (can also be the
;;; list of filenames itself)
;;; `skeleton' is a prototype call with arguments replaced by their
;;; binding times
;;; proposal for specifying partially static input: a list containing
;;; bt-prototypes for the expected constructors, e.g.:
;;; '((anil) (acons d *)) means "expect a list with static spine
;;; and dynamic elements"; it is a shorthand for the recursive type
;;; \mu \alpha . ANIL + CONS d \alpha.
(define *macro-source*
(namestring "scheme-standard-macros.scm"
(file-name-directory (%file-name%))
(define (cogen-driver job-file/files skeleton . options)
(let* ((source-files
(if (string? job-file/files)
(map symbol->string (file->list job-file/files))
(append *macro-source*
(apply append (map file->list source-files)))))
(lambda ()
(scheme-desugar full-source))
(lambda (def-function* rejected*)
;; (writelpp def-function* "/tmp/def1.scm")
(let* ((symbol-table (process-type-declarations rejected*))
(abssyn (scheme->abssyn-d def-function* symbol-table))
(d* (bta-run abssyn
(perform-termination-analysis d*)
(generate-d d* skeleton rejected*)
(process-options options skeleton rejected*)
(append (filter (lambda (def) (eq? (car def) 'define-data))
(define (process-options options skeleton rejected*)
(let* ((user-open '())
(user-files '())
(user-export '())
(user-options '())
(user-main-sym #f))
(let loop ((options options))
(and (not (null? options))
(let ((option (car options)))
((pair? option)
(case (car option)
(set! user-export (append user-export (cdr option))))
(set! user-open (append user-open (cdr option))))
(set! user-files (append user-files (cdr option))))
(set! user-main-sym (cadr option)))
(set! user-options (cons option user-options)))))
((string? option)
(let* ((suffix-stripped (strip-path-suffix option))
(option (strip-path-prefix suffix-stripped))
(outfile-name (string-append suffix-stripped ".scm"))
(config-name (string-append suffix-stripped ".config.scm")))
(with-output-to-file outfile-name
(lambda ()
(for-each (lambda (def)
(if (eq? (car def) 'define-data)
(p def)))
(for-each p *generating-extension*)))
(with-output-to-file config-name
(lambda ()
(let ((interface-sym
(string->symbol (string-append option "-interface")))
(string->symbol option))
`(define-interface ,interface-sym
(export ,(or user-main-sym main-sym)
`(define-structure ,structure-sym ,interface-sym
(open scheme signals define-data pgg-library
,@(reverse user-options)
(files ,@user-files ,structure-sym)
,@(if user-main-sym
`((begin (define ,user-main-sym ,main-sym)))
(loop (cdr options)))))))
;;; TO DO:
;;; - error recognition & handling