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;;; cogen-library.scm
;;; copyright © 1996-2000 by Peter Thiemann
;;; non-commercial use is free as long as the original copright notice
;;; remains intact
;;; projection functions for memoization
;;; parameterized over `result'
;;; code that must be executed at run time of a static lambda or
;;; constructor with dynamic free variables
;;; improvements:
;;; - specialize this guy wrt `label' and `bts', as well
;;; as project-static, project-dynamic, and clone-dynamic!
;;; - use delay/force to memoize value, static and dynamic
;;; static-constructor : Ident \times (2Value^* -> (K Code)^* -> K
;;; Code) \times 2Value^* \times BT^* -> Value
(define (static-constructor ctor closed-value vvs bts)
;; (let ((closed-value (lambda fvs (lambda (arg) body)))) ...)
(let ((ctor-vvs (cons ctor vvs)))
(lambda (what)
(case what
((value) (apply closed-value vvs))
((static) (project-static ctor-vvs bts))
((dynamic dynamic-ref) (project-dynamic ctor-vvs bts what))
(static-constructor ctor
(cdr (clone-dynamic ctor-vvs bts))
(lambda (clone-map)
(static-constructor ctor
(cdr (clone-with clone-map ctor-vvs bts))
`(static-constructor ',ctor ,ctor
(list ,@(map serialize-one vvs bts))
(error (string-append "static-constructor: bad argument " (symbol->string what))))))))
(define (hidden-constructor ctor closed-value vvs bts)
(let ((v (static-constructor ctor closed-value vvs bts)))
(lambda (what)
(case what
(hidden-constructor ctor
(cdr (clone-dynamic (cons ctor vvs) bts))
(list 'unquote
`(hidden-constructor ',ctor ,ctor
(list ,@(map serialize-one vvs bts))
(v what))))))
(define *poly-registry* 'undefined-poly-registry)
(define (poly-registry-reset!)
(set! *poly-registry* '()))
;; an entry of the *poly-registry*
;; (ctor index-map spec-procs)
;; ctor: unique label of the lambda-poly
;; spec-procs: list of procedures that perform the actual specialization
;; index-map: list of (statics pp index-value body-statics value-template)
(define (poly-constructor ctor arity bts body-level proc the-residual-piece dyn)
(let* ((boxed-gensym-counter (gensym-local-hold))
(ctor (gensym 'poly)) ;not always correct
(lambda (pp old-body-statics-boxed value-template-boxed)
(with-held-gensym-local boxed-gensym-counter
(lambda ()
(let* ((cloned (clone-dynamic pp bts))
(dynamics (map car (project-dynamic cloned bts 'dynamic))))
(set-cdr! the-residual-piece (list '***))
(set! the-residual-piece (cdr the-residual-piece))
(let ((my-residual-piece the-residual-piece))
(let ((v (apply proc (cdr cloned))))
(if (not (zero? body-level))
(let* ((rv `(RETURN ,v))
(top-project-static rv (list body-level)))
(top-project-dynamic rv (list body-level)))
(map car body-dynamics))
(car old-body-statics-boxed)))
(if old-body-statics
(if (not (equal? body-statics old-body-statics))
(error "return type mismatch in lambda-poly"))
(set-car! old-body-statics-boxed body-statics)
(set-car! value-template-boxed rv)))
(if (= 1 (length body-actuals))
(car body-actuals)
`(VALUES ,@body-actuals))))))))))))))
(or (assoc ctor *poly-registry*)
(let* ((ctor-entry (list ctor '() '())))
(set! *poly-registry* (cons ctor-entry *poly-registry*))
(index-map (cadr ctor-entry))
(spec-procs (caddr ctor-entry)))
(set-car! (cddr ctor-entry) (cons spec-proc spec-procs))
(for-each (lambda (index-entry)
(let ((pp (cadr index-entry))
(old-body-statics-boxed (cdddr index-entry))
(value-template-boxed (cddddr index-entry)))
(spec-proc pp old-body-statics-boxed value-template-boxed)))
(poly-constructor-internal ctor arity bts body-level dyn ctor-entry)))
(define poly-constructor-internal
(lambda (ctor arity bts body-level dyn registry-entry)
(lambda (what)
(case what
(lambda args
(let* ((pp (cons ctor args))
(index (project-static pp bts))
(the-index-map (cadr registry-entry))
(spec-procs (caddr registry-entry))
(or (assoc index the-index-map)
(let* ((len (length the-index-map))
(entry (list index pp len #f #f))
(old-body-statics-boxed (cdddr entry))
(value-template-boxed (cddddr entry)))
(set-car! (cdr registry-entry)
(cons entry the-index-map))
(lambda (proc)
(proc pp old-body-statics-boxed value-template-boxed))
(actuals (map car (project-dynamic pp bts 'dynamic))))
(let loop () ;; busy waiting would not work with true concurrency
(if (not (car (cddddr found)))
(let* ((cloned-return-v (top-clone-dynamic (car (cddddr found)) (list body-level)))
(dynamics (top-project-dynamic cloned-return-v (list body-level)))
(formals (map car dynamics)))
(if (= 1 (length formals))
(shift k
`(LET ((,(car formals) ((vector-ref ,dyn ,(caddr found)) ,@actuals)))
,(k (cadr cloned-return-v))))
(shift k
(LAMBDA () ((vector-ref ,dyn ,(caddr found)) ,@actuals))
(LAMBDA ,formals ,(k (cadr cloned-return-v))))))))))
((static) (list ctor))
((dynamic dynamic-ref) (list (cons dyn 1)))
(poly-constructor-internal ctor
bts body-level
(clone-one-dynamic dyn 1)
(lambda (clone-map)
(poly-constructor-internal ctor
bts body-level
(clone-with-one dyn 1 clone-map)
(error (string-append "poly-constructor: bad argument " (symbol->string what))))))))
(define (serialize-one val bt)
(if (procedure? val)
(val 'serialize)
(if (zero? bt)
(if (or (symbol? val) (pair? val) (null? val))
(define (serialize pp bts)
`(LIST ',(car pp) ,@(map serialize-one (cdr pp) bts)))
;;; extract the static parts out of a partially static value which
;;; starts with some static tag and the rest of which is described by
;;; the binding times in bt-args
(define (project-static value bt-args)
(cons (car value)
(let loop ((values (cdr value))
(bt-args bt-args))
(if (null? values)
(cons (project-one-static (car values) (car bt-args))
(loop (cdr values) (cdr bt-args)))))))
(define (project-one-static value bt)
(if (zero? bt)
(if (procedure? value)
(value 'STATIC)
;;; extract the dynamic parts of value
;;; new: return list of pairs (value, bt)
(define (project-dynamic value bts message)
(apply append
(map (lambda (v bt)
(project-one-dynamic v bt message))
(cdr value) bts)))
(define (project-one-dynamic value bt message)
(if (zero? bt)
(if (procedure? value)
(value message)
(list (cons value bt))))
;;; clone the dynamic parts of a list of values
;;; return a value with identical static skeleton, but all dynamic
;;; parts replaced by a fresh variable
(define (clone-one-dynamic value bt)
(if (= 0 bt)
(if (procedure? value)
(value 'CLONE)
(if (symbol? value)
(make-residual-variable (gensym-local-trimmed value))
(make-residual-variable (gensym-local 'clone)))))
(define (clone-dynamic value bts)
(cons (car value)
(let loop ((values (cdr value)) (bts bts))
(if (null? values)
(let* ((skeleton (loop (cdr values) (cdr bts)))
(new-value (clone-one-dynamic (car values) (car bts))))
(cons new-value skeleton))))))
;;; clone the dynamic parts of a list of values
;;; return a value with identical static skeleton, but all dynamic
;;; parts replaced AS INDICATED BY CLONE-MAP
(define (clone-with clone-map value bts)
(cons (car value)
(let loop ((values (cdr value)) (bts bts))
(if (null? values)
(cons (clone-with-one (car values) (car bts) clone-map)
(loop (cdr values) (cdr bts)))))))
(define (clone-with-one value bt clone-map)
(if (zero? bt)
(if (procedure? value)
((value 'CLONE-WITH) clone-map)
(cdr (assoc value clone-map))))
;;; procedures for dealing with references
(define (static-cell label value bt)
(let ((static-address (gen-address label)))
(static-cell-at static-address label value bt)))
(define (static-cell-at static-address label value bt)
(let ((the-ref (make-cell value)))
(creation-log-add! static-address the-ref bt)
(lambda (what)
(case what
((value) the-ref)
((cell-set!) (lambda (arg)
(reference-log-register static-address the-ref 0
(cell-ref the-ref))
(cell-set! the-ref arg)))
((static) (register-address
(lambda (normalized)
`(pointer ,normalized
,(project-one-static (cell-ref the-ref) bt)))
(lambda (normalized)
`(back ,normalized))))
((dynamic) (register-address
(lambda (normalized)
(project-one-dynamic (cell-ref the-ref) bt 'DYNAMIC))
(lambda (normalized)
((dynamic-ref) (register-address static-address
(lambda (normalized) '())
(lambda (normalized) '())))
((clone) (register-address
(lambda (normalized)
(let* ;; ordering is crucial below
((value (cell-ref the-ref))
(new-cell (static-cell label 'DUMMY bt))
(new-ref (new-cell 'VALUE)))
(enter-address-map! normalized new-cell bt the-ref)
(cell-set! new-ref (clone-one-dynamic value bt))
(lambda (normalized)
(address-map->new-cell normalized))))
(lambda (clone-map)
(lambda (normalized)
(let* ((value (cell-ref the-ref))
(new-cell (static-cell label 'DUMMY bt))
(new-ref (new-cell 'VALUE)))
(enter-address-map! normalized new-cell bt the-ref)
(cell-set! new-ref (clone-with-one value bt clone-map))
(lambda (normalized)
(address-map->new-cell normalized)))))
`(static-cell-at ',static-address ,label ,(serialize-one value bt) ,bt))
(error (string-append "static-cell: bad message " (symbol->string what))))))))
;;; procedures for dealing with vectors
(define (static-vector label size value bt)
(let ((static-address (gen-address label))
(the-vector (make-vector size value))
(the-bts (let loop ((i 0) (r '()))
(if (< i size)
(loop (+ i 1) (cons bt r))
(creation-log-add! static-address the-vector bt)
(lambda (what)
(case what
(lambda (index arg)
(reference-log-register static-address the-vector index
(vector-ref the-vector index))
(vector-set! the-vector index arg)))
(lambda (arg)
(let loop ((i (- size 1)))
(if (>= i 0)
(reference-log-register static-address the-vector i
(vector-ref the-vector i))
(loop (- i 1)))))
(vector-fill! the-vector arg)))
(lambda (normalized)
`(vector ,normalized
,@(map (lambda (x) (project-one-static x bt))
(vector->list the-vector))))
(lambda (normalized)
`(back ,normalized))))
(lambda (normalized)
(project-dynamic (cons 'vector (vector->list the-vector))
(lambda (normalized)
(register-address static-address
(lambda (normalized) '())
(lambda (normalized) '())))
((clone clone-with)
(lambda (normalized)
(let* ;; ordering is crucial below
((new-value (static-vector label size 'DUMMY bt))
(new-vector (new-value 'VALUE)))
(enter-address-map! normalized new-value bt the-vector)
(let loop ((i 0))
(if (< i size)
(vector-set! new-vector i
((if (eq? what 'clone)
(vector-ref the-vector i)
(loop (+ i 1)))))
(lambda (normalized)
(address-map->new-cell normalized))))))))
;;; maintain a mapping from global static addresses to local static addresses
(define *address-registry* 'undefined-address-registry)
(define *local-address-registry* 'undefined-local-address-registry)
(define (address-registry-reset!)
(set! *address-registry* '())
(set! *local-address-registry* 0))
(define (gen-local-address label)
(set! *local-address-registry* (+ 1 *local-address-registry*))
(cons label *local-address-registry*))
(define (register-address static-address first-cont next-cont)
(let ((found (assoc static-address *address-registry*)))
;;(display found) (newline)
(if found
(next-cont (cdr found))
(let ((local-address (gen-local-address (car static-address))))
(set! *address-registry*
(cons (cons static-address local-address) *address-registry*))
(first-cont local-address)))))
;;; maintain a mapping from local addresses to new value and old ref
(define *address-map* 'undefined-address-map)
(define (address-map-reset!)
(set! *address-map* '()))
(define (enter-address-map! key ref1 bt ref2)
(set! *address-map*
(cons (list key ref1 ref2) *address-map*)))
(define (address-map->new-cell key)
(let ((found (assoc key *address-map*)))
(if found
(cadr found)
(error "address-map->new-cell" key))))
(define *creation-log* #f)
(define (creation-log-initialize!)
(set! *creation-log* '()))
(define (creation-log-push!)
(set! *creation-log* (cons '() *creation-log*)))
(define (creation-log-pop!)
(set! *creation-log* (cdr *creation-log*)))
(define (creation-log-add! static-address new-ref bt)
(set-car! *creation-log* (cons (list static-address new-ref bt)
(car *creation-log*))))
(define (creation-log-top)
(car *creation-log*))
;;; extract dynamic components from the static store
;;; assumes that creation-log is already restricted to the static effects
(define (project-dynamic-creation-log creation-log)
;; some initialization goes here
(let loop ((creation-log creation-log))
(if (null? creation-log)
(let* ((entry (car creation-log))
(creation-log (cdr creation-log))
(static-address (car entry)))
(append (project-one-dynamic (cell-ref (cadr entry))
(caddr entry)
(loop creation-log))))))
;;; the memolist needs to contain a copy of the restricted creation
;;; log. This must then be cloned in a special way.
(define *reference-log* #f)
(define (reference-log-initialize!)
(set! *reference-log* (list '())))
(define (reference-log-push!)
(let ((checkpoint *reference-log*))
(set! *reference-log* (cons '() *reference-log*))
(define (reference-log-pop!)
(let ((entry (car *reference-log*)))
(set! *reference-log* (cdr *reference-log*))
(define (reference-log-register static-address the-ref index value)
(set-car! *reference-log*
(cons (list the-ref index value)
(car *reference-log*))))
(define (reference-log-rollback! checkpoint)
(let loop ()
((eq? *reference-log* checkpoint) #t)
((null? *reference-log*)
(error "reference-log-rollback! reached end of log"))
(let inner-loop ((ref+values (reference-log-pop!)))
(if (null? ref+values)
(let ((ref+value (car ref+values))
(ref+values (cdr ref+values)))
(let ((ref (car ref+value)))
(if (vector? ref)
(vector-set! ref (cadr ref+value) (caddr ref+value))
(cell-set! ref (caddr ref+value))))
(inner-loop ref+values))))))))
(define current-static-store! reference-log-push!)
(define install-static-store! reference-log-rollback!)
(define initialize-static-store! reference-log-initialize!)
;;; toplevel projection functions
(define (top-project-static value bts)
(project-static value bts))
(define (top-project-dynamic value bts)
(project-dynamic value bts 'DYNAMIC))
(define (top-clone-dynamic value bts)
(clone-dynamic value bts))
(define (top-clone-with clone-map value bts)
(clone-with clone-map value bts))