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;;; cogen-residual.scm
;;; copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 by Peter Thiemann
;;; non-commercial use is free as long as the original copright notice
;;; remains intact
;;; functions to construct residual code
(define (make-residual-apply fn fa)
((and (pair? fa) (eq? (car fa) 'QUOTE) (eq? (cadr fa) '()))
((and (pair? fa) (eq? (car fa) 'LIST))
`(,fn ,@(cdr fa)))
`(APPLY ,fn ,fa))))
(define (make-residual-let var exp body)
((null? (gensym-local-hold))
(let ((new-def
(if (and (pair? exp) (eq? (car exp) 'BEGIN))
`(DEFINE ,var ,@(cdr exp))
`(DEFINE ,var ,exp))))
(add-to-residual-program! new-def))
((eq? var body)
((and (pair? exp) ; kludge
(eq? (car exp) 'SET!))
(if (and (pair? body) (eq? (car body) 'BEGIN))
`(BEGIN ,exp ,@(cdr body))
`(BEGIN ,exp ,body)))
((and (pair? body) (memq (car body) '(LET LET*)))
(let ((header (cadr body))
(bodies (cddr body)))
`(LET* ((,var ,exp) ,@header) ,@bodies)))
((and (pair? body) (eq? (car body) 'BEGIN))
`(LET ((,var ,exp)) ,@(cdr body)))
((and (pair? body) (eq? (car body) 'OR) (eqv? var (cadr body)))
`(OR ,exp ,@(cddr body))) ;unsafe: no guarantee that var does not occur in body
`(LET ((,var ,exp)) ,body))))
(define (make-residual-let-serious var proc args body)
(make-residual-let var (apply make-residual-call proc args)
(define (make-residual-let-serious-apply var proc arg body)
(make-residual-let var (make-residual-apply proc arg)
(define make-residual-let-trivial make-residual-let)
(define (make-residual-begin exp1 exp2)
(if (and (pair? exp1) (not (eq? (car exp1) 'QUOTE)))
(let ((exp2-begin (and (pair? exp2) (eq? (car exp2) 'BEGIN))))
((eq? (car exp1) 'BEGIN)
(if exp2-begin
`(BEGIN ,@(cdr exp1) ,@(cdr exp2))
`(BEGIN ,@(cdr exp1) ,exp2)))
(if exp2-begin
`(BEGIN ,exp1 ,@(cdr exp2))
`(BEGIN ,exp1 ,exp2)))))
(define (make-residual-cons exp1 exp2)
(if (pair? exp2)
(let ((tag (car exp2)))
((and (eq? tag 'QUOTE) (eq? (cadr exp2) '()))
`(LIST ,exp1))
((eq? tag 'LIST)
`(LIST ,exp1 ,@(cdr exp2)))
`(CONS ,exp1 ,exp2))))
`(CONS ,exp1 ,exp2)))
(define (make-residual-generator-ve* name lv . args)
`(,name ,lv ,@args))
(define (make-residual-generator-vve* name lv x1 . args)
`(,name ,lv ,x1 ,@args))
(define (make-residual-generator-vve name v1 v2 e1)
`(,name ,v1 ,v2 ,e1))
(define (make-residual-generator-vvve* name lv v1 v2 v3 . e1*)
`(,name ,lv ,v1 ,v2 ,v3 ,@e1*))
(define (make-residual-generator-veve* name lv v1 e1 v2 . e2*)
`(,name ,lv ,v1 ,e1 ,v2 ,@e2*))
(define (make-residual-generator-vvvve name lv v1 v2 v3 v4 e1)
`(,name ,lv ,v1 ,v2 ,v3 ,v4 ,e1))
(define (make-residual-generator-vvee name lv v1 v2 e1 e2)
`(,name ,lv ,v1 ,v2 ,e1 ,e2))
(define (make-residual-generator-vveqe name lv v1 v2 e1 q1 e2)
`(,name ,lv ,v1 ,v2 ,e1 ',q1 ,e2))
(define (make-residual-generator-vqqeqe name v1 q1 q2 e1 q3 e2)
`(,name ,v1 ',q1 ',q2 ,e1 ',q3 ,e2))
(define (make-residual-generator-vqqqeqe name lv q1 q2 q3 x4 q5 x6)
`(,name ,lv ',q1 ',q2 ',q3 ,x4 ',q5 ,x6))
(define (make-residual-define-data lv arg)
(add-to-support-code! `(define-data ,@arg))
(if (zero? lv)
'pooof ;ignored
`(_OP ,(- lv 1) _DEFINE_DATA `,arg)))
(define (make-residual-define-mutable lv var arg)
(add-to-support-code! `(define ,var ,arg))
(if (zero? lv)
'pooof ;ignored
`(_OP ,(- lv 1) _DEFINE ,var ,arg)))
(define (make-branch branch)
(let ((code (cadr branch)))
(if (and (pair? code)
(eq? 'BEGIN (car code)))
(cons (car branch)
(cdr code))
(define (constant-expression? exp)
((boolean? exp) #t)
((number? exp) #t)
((char? exp) #t)
((string? exp) #t)
((and (pair? exp)
(eq? 'QUOTE (car exp)))
(else #f)))
(define (constant-expression-constant exp)
(if (pair? exp)
(cadr exp)
(define (detect-constant-test test)
(pair? test)
(case (car test)
((constant-expression? (cadr test))
(caddr test)
(list (constant-expression-constant (cadr test)))))
((constant-expression? (caddr test))
(cadr test)
(list (constant-expression-constant (caddr test)))))
(else #f)))
((constant-expression? (caddr test))
(cadr test)
(constant-expression-constant (caddr test))))
(define (make-residual-if c t e)
((eq? c #t)
((eq? c #f)
((eq? e #f)
(if (and (pair? t) (eq? 'AND (car t)))
`(AND ,c ,@(cdr t))
`(AND ,c ,t)))
((detect-constant-test c)
=> (lambda (stuff)
(let ((exp (car stuff))
(constants (cdr stuff)))
(if (and (pair? e) (eq? 'CASE (car e))
(equal? (cadr e) exp))
(cons (make-branch `(,constants ,t))
(cddr e)))
(cons (make-branch `(,constants ,t))
`((else ,e))))))))
((eqv? c t)
(if (and (pair? e) (eq? 'OR (car e)))
`(OR ,c ,@(cdr e))
`(OR ,c ,e)))
((and (pair? e) (eq? 'IF (car e)))
,(make-branch `(,c ,t))
(,(cadr e) ,(caddr e))
(else ,(cadddr e))))
((and (pair? e) (eq? 'COND (car e)))
,(make-branch `(,c ,t))
,@(cdr e)))
`(IF ,c ,t ,e))))
;; assumption: (not (null? branches))
(define (make-residual-case exp branches)
(let ((collapsed-branches
(let loop ((current-branch (car branches))
(branches (cdr branches))
(new-branches '()))
(if (not (null? branches))
(let ((new-branch (car branches)))
(if (and (not (eq? 'else (car new-branch)))
(equal? (cdr new-branch) (cdr current-branch)))
(loop (cons (append (car new-branch) (car current-branch))
(cdr current-branch))
(cdr branches)
(loop new-branch
(cdr branches)
(cons current-branch new-branches))))
(reverse (cons current-branch new-branches))))))
`(CASE ,exp ,@collapsed-branches)))
(define (make-residual-call f . args)
(cons f args))
(define (make-residual-primop op . args)
(cons op args))
(define (make-lambda-body-list body)
(if (and (pair? body) (eq? (car body) 'BEGIN))
(cdr body)
(list body)))
(define (make-residual-closed-lambda formals free body)
`(LAMBDA ,formals ,@(make-lambda-body-list body)))
(define (make-residual-lambda formals fvs body)
`(LAMBDA ,formals ,@(make-lambda-body-list body)))
(define (make-residual-literal val)
(if (or (number? val) (string? val) (boolean? val))
`(QUOTE ,val)))
;; we need this abstraction because we need to actually *do* something
;; when directly generating object code
(define (make-residual-variable name)
(define (make-residual-definition! name formals body)
(let ((new-def
(if (and (pair? body) (eq? (car body) 'BEGIN))
`(DEFINE (,name ,@formals) ,@(cdr body))
`(DEFINE (,name ,@formals) ,body))))
(add-to-residual-program! new-def)))
;; kludge alert
(define (residual-definition-replace-name defn new-name)
(let* ((old-defn-template (take 2 defn))
(list (car old-defn-template)
(cons new-name (cdadr old-defn-template))))
(defn-body (list-tail defn 2)))
(append new-defn-template defn-body)))
(define (residual-wrap-internal-definitions def internal-defs)
(let* ((defn-template (take 2 def))
(defn-body (list-tail def 2)))
(append defn-template
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