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;;; $Id $
;;; Specialization server for distributed PE
;;; A server performs actual specialization work, initiated by the
;;; memoization master.
(define-record server-entry
(program-point static-skeleton name local-id bts fct killed?))
(define *local-cache* #f)
(define *local-pending* #f)
(define *local-preferred-procedure* #f)
(define *local-id-shift* 8)
(define *local-id-count* #f)
(define (generate-local-id)
(let ((count *local-id-count*))
(set! *local-id-count* (+ 1 *local-id-count*))
(bitwise-ior (local-aspace-uid)
(arithmetic-shift count *local-id-shift*))))
(define (generate-local-symbol f)
f ;; lose, lose!
;;(concatenate-symbol (gensym f) "-" (local-aspace-uid))
(define *local-kill-count* #f)
(define *local-kill-count-lock* #f)
(define (get-local-kill-count)
(define (local-cache-initialize!)
(set! *local-cache* '()))
(define (local-pending-initialize!)
(set! *local-pending* (make-queue)))
(define (local-cache-enter! pp static-skeleton bts fct)
(cond ((or (assoc static-skeleton *local-cache*)
(queue-assoc static-skeleton *local-pending*))
=> (lambda (p)
(let ((entry (cdr p)))
(values (server-entry->name entry)
(server-entry->local-id entry)
(let ((name (generate-local-symbol (car pp)))
(local-id (generate-local-id)))
(cons static-skeleton (make-server-entry
pp static-skeleton
bts fct
(values name local-id #f)))))
(define (local-cache-insert! res-name pp static-skeleton bts fct)
(let ((entry
(make-server-entry pp static-skeleton res-name #f
bts fct
(set! *local-cache* (cons (cons static-skeleton entry) *local-cache*))
(define (local-cache-advance!)
(if (queue-empty? *local-pending*)
(let ((item (or (dequeue-first!
(lambda (item)
(let ((entry (cdr item)))
(eq? (car (server-entry->program-point entry))
(dequeue! *local-pending*))))
(let ((entry (cdr item)))
(set! *local-cache* (cons item *local-cache*))
(if (server-entry->killed? entry)
(define (local-pending-lookup local-id)
((queue-any (lambda (item)
(let ((entry (cdr item)))
(eqv? local-id (server-entry->local-id entry))))
=> cdr)
(else #f)))
;;; residual code
(define *local-resid* #f)
(define (local-resid-initialize!)
(set! *local-resid* '()))
(define (make-residual-definition! name formals body)
(let ((item `(DEFINE (,name ,@formals) ,body)))
(set! *local-resid* (cons item *local-resid*))))
(define (collect-local-residual-program)
;;; memo function stuff
(define-syntax start-memo
(syntax-rules ()
((_ level fn bts args)
(start-memo-internal level 'fn fn bts args))
((_ level fn bts args new-goal)
(start-memo-internal level 'fn fn bts args))))
(define (nextlevel memo-template args . new-goal)
(let ((level (list-ref memo-template 1))
(goal-proc (list-ref memo-template 3))
(bts (cadr (list-ref memo-template 4))))
(apply start-memo-internal level
(eval goal-proc (interaction-environment))
(define (start-memo-internal level fname fct bts args . new-goal)
(let* ((result
(lambda ()
(reset (multi-memo level fname fct bts args)))))
(result (if (and (pair? result) (eq? (car result) 'LET))
(car (cdaadr result))
(goal-proc (car *residual-program*))
(defn-template (take 2 goal-proc))
;; kludge alert
(if (null? new-goal)
(list (car defn-template)
(cons (car new-goal) (cdadr defn-template)))))
(defn-body (list-tail goal-proc 2)))
(list (append defn-template
(cdr *residual-program*)
;;; the memo-function
;;; - fn is the name of the function to memoize
;;; - args are the free variables of the function's body
;;; - bts are their binding times
(define (multi-memo level fname fct bts args)
(let* ((full-pp (cons fname args))
(pp (top-project-static full-pp bts))
(dynamics (top-project-dynamic full-pp bts))
(actuals (apply append dynamics)))
(lambda () (local-cache-enter! full-pp pp bts fct))
(lambda (res-name local-id already-registered?)
;; (display "Registering memo point ") (display local-id) (newline)
(if (not already-registered?)
(let ((wrapped-pp
full-pp bts last-unwrapped-pp last-wrapped-pp)))
;; ### how do we pass the async option?
(I-register-memo-point! #f wrapped-pp res-name local-id bts fct)))
(if (= level 1)
;; generate call to fn with actual arguments
(apply make-residual-call res-name actuals))
;; reconstruct multi-memo
(make-residual-call 'MULTI-MEMO
(- level 1)
`',(binding-times dynamics)
`(LIST ,@actuals))))))))
;;; distributed stuff
;; This assumes all servers are running on different Kalis!
(define *server-master-aspace* #f)
(define (I-am-idle async?)
;; (display "I am idle") (newline)
(remote-run! *server-master-aspace*
(define (I-register-memo-point! async? program-point name local-id bts fct)
(remote-run! *server-master-aspace*
(local-aspace-uid) async? program-point name local-id bts fct))
(define (can-I-work-on local-id) ; synchronous
(lambda ()
(remote-apply *server-master-aspace*
can-server-work-on (local-aspace-uid) local-id))
(lambda (maybe-can-I? killed)
(for-each server-kill-local-id! killed)
(define (I-am-working-on local-id) ; asynchronous
(remote-run! *server-master-aspace*
server-working-on (local-aspace-uid) local-id))
(define (server-initialize! uid async?)
;; (display "Initializing, uid ") (display uid) (newline)
(set! *server-master-aspace* (uid->aspace uid))
(set! *local-id-count* 0)
(set! *local-kill-count* 0)
(set! *local-kill-count-lock* (make-lock))
(set! *local-preferred-procedure* #f)
(set! *server-status-lock* (make-lock))
(I-am-idle async?))
;;; Specialization work
;;; receives wrapped program points
(define (server-specialize res-name program-point bts fct)
(let ((fname (car program-point))
(static-skeleton (top-project-static (unwrap-program-point program-point) bts)))
;; assume master-cache knows about this specialization
(let loop ((entry
(local-cache-insert! res-name program-point static-skeleton bts fct)))
(set! *local-preferred-procedure* (car static-skeleton))
;; (display "Specializing ") (display (server-entry->program-point entry)) (newline)
(specialize-entry entry)
(let inner-loop ()
(let ((maybe-entry (local-cache-advance!)))
(if maybe-entry
;; (display "Asking master if I can work on ") (display (server-entry->local-id maybe-entry)) (newline)
((can-I-work-on (server-entry->local-id maybe-entry))
=> (lambda (maybe-local-id)
(if (number? maybe-local-id)
(let ((entry (local-pending-lookup maybe-local-id)))
(server-entry->killed?! entry #t)
(loop entry))
(loop maybe-entry))))
(else (inner-loop))))
(I-am-idle #f)))))))
(define last-wrapped-pp #f)
(define last-unwrapped-pp #f)
(define (specialize-entry entry)
(let* ((wrapped-pp (server-entry->program-point entry))
(pp (unwrap-program-point wrapped-pp))
(res-name (server-entry->name entry))
(bts (server-entry->bts entry))
(fct (server-entry->fct entry)))
(lambda ()
(let* ((cloned-pp (top-clone-dynamic pp bts))
(new-formals (apply append (top-project-dynamic cloned-pp
(set! last-wrapped-pp wrapped-pp)
(set! last-unwrapped-pp pp)
(make-residual-definition! res-name
(reset (apply fct (cdr cloned-pp))))
(set! last-wrapped-pp #f)
(set! last-unwrapped-pp #f))))))
(define (server-kill-local-id! local-id)
(let ((maybe-entry (local-pending-lookup local-id)))
(if maybe-entry
;; (display "Master killed local id ") (display local-id) (newline)
(lambda ()
(set! *local-kill-count* (+ 1 *local-kill-count*))))
(server-entry->killed?! maybe-entry #t)))))
;; Async variant
(define *server-current-local-id* #f)
(define *server-current-thread* #f)
(define *server-status-lock* #f)
(define (server-specialize-async res-name program-point bts fct)
(let* ((fname (car program-point))
(static-skeleton (top-project-static program-point bts))
(local-cache-insert! res-name program-point static-skeleton bts fct)))
;; (display "Specializing ") (display (server-entry->program-point entry)) (newline)
(lambda () (set! *server-current-local-id* #f)))
(set! *local-preferred-procedure* (car static-skeleton))
(specialize-entry entry)
(define (server-async-loop)
(obtain-lock *server-status-lock*)
(let ((maybe-entry (local-cache-advance!)))
(if maybe-entry
(set! *server-current-local-id* (server-entry->local-id maybe-entry))
(set! *server-current-thread* (current-thread))
(I-am-working-on (server-entry->local-id maybe-entry))
(release-lock *server-status-lock*)
(set! *local-preferred-procedure* (car (server-entry->program-point maybe-entry)))
;; (display "Specializing local id ") (display (server-entry->local-id maybe-entry)) (display (server-entry->program-point maybe-entry)) (newline)
(specialize-entry maybe-entry)
(set! *server-current-local-id* #f)
(release-lock *server-status-lock*)
(I-am-idle #t)))))
(define (server-kill-specialization! local-id)
;; (display "Trying to kill local id ") (display local-id) (newline)
(obtain-lock *server-status-lock*)
(if (eqv? local-id *server-current-local-id*)
;; (display "Killing local id " local-id) (newline)
(lambda ()
(set! *local-kill-count* (+ 1 *local-kill-count*))))
(kill-thread! *server-current-thread*)
(release-lock *server-status-lock*)
;; (display "Killed local id " local-id) (newline)
(release-lock *server-status-lock*)))