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;;; cogen-specialize.scm
;;; copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 by Peter Thiemann
;;; non-commercial use is free as long as the original copright notice
;;; remains intact
(define *memolist* #f)
(define *residual-program* (make-cell '()))
(define *support-code* '())
(define *deferred-list* '())
;;(define (add-to-memolist! key value)
;; (set! *memolist* (cons (cons key value) *memolist*)))
;;(define (clear-memolist!)
;; (set! *memolist* '()))
;;(define (lookup-memolist key)
;; (cond ((assoc key *memolist*) => cdr)
;; (else #f)))
;; there is a problem if one key is a proper prefix of the other
;; within the number of stages
(define make-memo-table (make-table-maker equal? equal?-hash))
(define (clear-memolist!)
(set! *memolist* (make-memo-table)))
(define (add-to-memolist! key value)
(table-set! *memolist* key value))
(define (lookup-memolist key)
(table-ref *memolist* key))
(define (for-each-memolist proc)
(table-walk proc *memolist*))
(define (get-residual-program)
(cell-ref *residual-program*))
(define (set-residual-program! prg)
(cell-set! *residual-program* prg))
(define (add-to-residual-program! item)
(provisional-cell-set! *residual-program*
(cons item (provisional-cell-ref *residual-program*)))))
(define (first-residual-procedure)
(if (pair? (get-residual-program))
(car (get-residual-program))))
(define (rest-residual-procedures)
(if (pair? (get-residual-program))
(cdr (get-residual-program))))
(define (clear-residual-program!)
(cell-set! *residual-program* '()))
(define (add-to-support-code! item)
(set! *support-code* (cons item *support-code*)))
(define (clear-support-code!)
(set! *support-code* '()))
(define *gen-address-counter* 0)
(define (gen-address-reset!)
(set! *gen-address-counter* 0))
(define (gen-address label)
(set! *gen-address-counter* (+ *gen-address-counter* 1))
(cons label *gen-address-counter*))
(define (make-special-key key0 special)
(let* ((bt (car special))
(key1 (cadr special)))
(if (> bt 0) key0 (cons key1 key0))))
(define (clear-deferred-list!)
(set! *deferred-list* '()))
(define (add-to-deferred-list! key0 value . special)
(let ((key (if (null? special)
(make-special-key key0 (car special)))))
(set! *deferred-list*
(cons (cons key value) *deferred-list*))))
(define (lookup-deferred-list key0 special)
(let* ((key (make-special-key key0 special)))
((assoc key *deferred-list*) => cdr)
(else #f))))
(define (for-each-deferred-list proc)
(for-each (lambda (k-v) (proc (car k-v) (cdr k-v))) *deferred-list*))