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;;; proxy wrappers for program points
;;; ,open proxies closures
(define (wrap-program-point program-point bts)
(cons (car program-point)
(wrap-values (cdr program-point) bts)))
(define (wrap-values values bts)
(if (null? values)
(let ((value (car values))
(values (cdr values))
(bt (car bts))
(bts (cdr bts)))
(let ((rest (wrap-values values bts)))
(cons (wrap-value value bt) rest)))))
(define (wrap-value value bt)
;; (display (list "wrap-value" value bt)) (newline)
(if (and (= bt 0) (or (pair? value) (vector? value)))
(make-proxy value)
(define (unwrap-program-point wrapped-pp)
(let loop ((values wrapped-pp))
(if (null? values)
(cons (unwrap-value (car values)) (loop (cdr values))))))
(define (unwrap-value value)
;; (display (list "unwrap-value" value)) (newline)
(if (proxy? value)
(any-proxy-value value)
(define (wrap-similar-program-point pp bts last-pp wrapped-pp)
(cons (car pp)
(wrap-similar-values (cdr pp) bts (map cons (cdr last-pp) (cdr wrapped-pp)))))
;;; could speed this up by only comparing corresponding positions
(define (wrap-similar-values values bts last-values+wrapped-values)
(let ((wrap-similar-value
(lambda (value bt)
;; (display (list "wrap-similar-value" value bt)) (newline)
((and (= bt 0) (assq value last-values+wrapped-values))
=> (lambda (found)
(cdr found)))
(wrap-value value bt))))))
(let loop ((values values) (bts bts))
(if (null? values)
(let ((value (car values))
(values (cdr values))
(bt (car bts))
(bts (cdr bts)))
(cons (wrap-similar-value value bt) (loop values bts)))))))
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