Blank application template to deploy Lucee 5 apps on Heroku
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Lucee 5 Application Template for Heroku

Blank application template to deploy Lucee 5 apps on Heroku

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Demo: |


  • This project is based off of the offical Lucee Heroku Buildpack



To get started, run the following commands in GitBash (or your terminal of preference):

$ git clone
$ cd lucee5-heroku
$ mvn package
$ foreman start

NOTE: On Windows, start foreman with the following command:

$ foreman start -f

You should now have Lucee up and running at http://localhost:5000. Start adding your code.

To deploy your site to Heroku you need to setup a free Heroku account, install the Heroku toolbelt (Suggested reading: Getting Started with Java on Heroku). Then...

$ heroku apps:create [NAME]
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku open

You should now be looking at your app running on Heroku.


  • If you need access to the admin, disable the first rule in urlrewrite.xml.
  • Default password for web admins is password. This should be changed to something secure before deploying your app.
  • Make any settings (datasources, mail settings, etc.) changes you want locally via the web context, commit your changes and then deploy your app and they will also exist on Heroku.
    • Better practice to add any settings changes, datasources, etc. via Application.cfc; use web context for changes if you must set them via Lucee Admin
    • Server context will be overwritten on deploy, very important desired changes are made to web context if you wish to keep them
  • If you get a Heroku application error try reloading the page. This is a known issue. I think the Lucee dependencies aren't quite ready when this happens, I need to look into it further.


Known Projects Using the Lucee 5 Application Template for Heroku

Have a project making use of this application template? Lem me know and I'll be happy to list it below!