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@@ -19,6 +19,11 @@ Detailed documentation on all of Sinatra's built-in options and using `set`,
Guide to testing Sinatra apps.
+### [Using Extensions](/extensions-wild.html)
+How to use Sinatra extensions in your application and links to
+extensions in the wild.
### [Writing Extensions](extensions.html)
How to add new functionality to Sinatra using the extension APIs.
@@ -66,10 +71,6 @@ RDoc documentation courtesy of ``.
List of applications, libraries, websites and companies using Sinatra.
-### [Extensions in the Wild](/extensions-wild.html)
-List of Sinatra extensions, typically available as gems.
### [The Sinatra Book](
An in-depth look at building and deploying Sinatra applications.
@@ -1,47 +1,33 @@
-title: "Sinatra: Extensions in the Wild"
+title: "Sinatra: Using Extensions"
layout: default
-Extensions in the Wild
+Using Extensions
Extensions provide helper or class methods for Sinatra applications.
These methods are customarily listed and described on extensions home
+pages, many of which are listed below.
-Before we use a method provided by the particular an extension, the
-gem which implements it has to be installed. For
-example, to install the *sinatra-prawn* gem available from the
-**, type and run the following command:
+Using an extension is usually as simple as installing a gem or library
+and requiring a file. Consult these steps if you run into problems:
- gem install sbfaulkner-sinatra-prawn -s
+ 1. Install the gem or vendor the library with your project:
+ `gem install sinatra-prawn`
-where `sbfaulkner` is the login of the extension author.
+ 2. Require the extension in your application: `require 'sinatra/prawn'`
-To use the above extension in a Sinatra application, the following
-lines needs to be inserted into the application code:
+ 3. If you're application is "classic" (i.e., you `require 'sinatra'` and
+ define the application in the main/top-level context), you're done.
+ The extension methods should be available to your application.
- gem 'sbfaulkner-sinatra-prawn'
- require 'sinatra/prawn'
+ 4. If you're application subclasses `Sinatra::Base`, you have to register the
+ extension in your subclass: `register Sinatra::Prawn`
-We can take advantage of
-[RubyGems]( ability to use
-versioned libraries at runtime:
+## Helper Extensions
- gem 'sbfaulkner-sinatra-prawn', '~>0.9.0'
-We request the latest installed version of *sinatra-prawn* gem
-in the 0.9.x series. If no such gem is installed, an exception is thrown.
-If the most current version is not appropriate we can ask for specific
-one we need:
- gem 'sbfaulkner-sinatra-prawn', '=0.9.1'
-Note, that we require *sinatra/prawn* rather than *sbfaulkner-sinatra-prawn*.
-## Extensions which provide helper methods
+These extensions add helper methods to the request context:
1. [sinatra-prawn](
adds support for pdf rendering with Prawn templates.
@@ -70,7 +56,9 @@ Note, that we require *sinatra/prawn* rather than *sbfaulkner-sinatra-prawn*.
1. [sinatra-authorization](
HTTP auth helpers
-## Extensions which provide class methods
+## DSL Extensions
+These extensions add methods to Sinatra's application DSL:
1. [snap](
provides support for named routes and helper methods for building URLs for
@@ -82,4 +70,5 @@ Note, that we require *sinatra/prawn* rather than *sbfaulkner-sinatra-prawn*.
sets up a MongoDB connection, provides Mongoid to your app, and
provides options for configuration.
-Add more! Examples described in [Writing Extensions](extensions.html).
+Add more! See [Writing Extensions](extensions.html) for more information
+about creating your own.

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