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rtomayko committed Mar 7, 2010
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@@ -144,8 +144,8 @@ application's public directory (see the `:public` option). When `:static` is
truthy, Sinatra will check if a static file exists and serve it before
checking for a matching route.
The `:static` option is enabled by default in classic style apps and
disabled by default in `Sinatra::Base` subclasses.
The `:static` option is enabled by default when the `public` directory
### `:public` - static files directory
@@ -251,9 +251,6 @@ handler or Rack middleware, such as [`Rack::ShowExceptions`][se] or
The `:raise_errors` option is disabled by default for classic style apps
and enabled by default for `Sinatra::Base` subclasses.
### `:lock` - ensure single request concurrency with a mutex lock
Sinatra can be used in threaded environments where more than a single
@@ -263,3 +260,9 @@ Enabling the `:lock` option causes all requests to synchronize on a mutex
lock, ensuring that only a single request is processed at a time.
The `:lock` option is disabled by default.
### `:show_exceptions` - enable classy error pages
Enable error pages that show backtrace and environment information when
an unhandled exception occurs. Enabled in development environments by

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