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To run the Ninja Application you will need the following:

  • The latest stable version of Chrome
  • Ninja can be run in either a Chrome unpackaged application or packaged application (.crx). Instructions below

###Setup and Run Ninja as an unpackaged application

If you're already familiar with using Git, GitHub, and how to configure a local web server,

  1. Download Ninja Local Cloud: Win: get Ninja Local Cloud.exe from the Ninja CRX posted soon.
  2. Launch Ninja Local Cloud. On Mac, click Allow when asked to accept incoming network connection.
  3. Click Copy button to copy the Ninja Local Cloud URL.
  4. Launch your cloned master branch.
  5. You should get the Cloud Service Dialog.
  6. Paste in the Ninja Local Cloud URL that you copied in step 3.
  7. Click the TEST button. It should still show Disconnected.
  8. In the Ninja Local Cloud app, click on Advanced button, you should see an error that it ignores the url where you run Ninja. If you don't any text when clicking Test, there's no connection established between Ninja and Ninja Local Cloud, you probably did not click Allow the incoming connection.
  9. Copy the ID from the URL in the error text.
  10. On Windows: Click Start menu icon and type regedit Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Motorola Mobility/Ninja Local Cloud/Options Right click and select New > String value Type 'Local Ninja Origin' no quotes Double click on Local Ninja Origin and paste in the ID copied in step 9 in the Value data field. Close Registry Editor.
  11. On Mac: Launch Finder. Double click on /Library/Preferences/com.MotorolaMobility.Ninja-Local-Cloud.plist Click on Add Child Type 'Local Ninja Origin' no quotes For value, paste in the URL copied in step 9. Save (File > Save or Cmd S) Close Property List Editor
  12. Quit Ninja Local Cloud
  13. Launch Ninja Local Cloud
  14. In Ninja, click Test again, you should see the green text that said "Connected to Ninja Local Cloud".
  15. Ninja is opened with no document. You should be able to do File > New File and select Basic HTML, give it a name and click browse to the directory. By default, files will be saved in Ninja Projects folder in user documents. As long as Ninja Local Cloud is running, you will not see the Cloud Service Dialog next time you launch.

###Setup and Run Ninja as a packaged application

Coming soon...