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This project is unsupported and the APIs may have changed since it was last updated

Legix to Maplight

Expose organizations that influenced the creation of california state codes.


The only third-party requirement is JSONPath (easy_install jsonpath on Windows).

Technical Description

A mashup script that combines Legix's API and Maplight's API.

  1. Get legix-formatted file as command-line input (e.g., Division 1 of the Business Professional Code at http://legix.info/us-ca/code-bpc/doc(div1).json)
  2. Parse that JSON file for statute information
  3. Look up corresponding bill number in /data/statuteslist.json
  4. Use the returned bill number to search Maplight's California API
  5. List organizations and their position (support/oppose) on the legislation


  • Link this data to campaign contribution data
  • Build a frontend for one-click, on-demand information retrieval
  • Data visualization (think graphs, as in graph theory)

Author Info

Mike Tahani, m.tahani at gmail