A jQuery plugin to enable cross-browser usage of the HTML5 autofocus property.
Latest commit d6ae71b Sep 28, 2010 @benspaulding benspaulding Changed attribute-equals selector to has-attribute.
The existence of the attribute needs to be
verified, not its contents. Using the has-
attribute selector will allow all of the following
uses to work, where formerly only the first one

	<input autofocus>
	<input autofocus="autofocus" />
	<input autofocus="true">

This obviously does not change any functionality
in the plugin, but points the user in a better
direction and may avoid confusion if a user
happens to employ one of the latter two methods.


HTML5 autofocus plugin v0.2*
Copyright (c) 2009, Mike Taylor, http://miketaylr.com
MIT Licensed: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

NOTE: As per the spec, only one element is permitted to have the
autofocus attribute, hence no .each()


USAGE: $("[autofocus]").autofocus();

Thanks to paul_irish and temp01 for feedback and improvement suggestions.