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Javascript WebP Library
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What does this library do?

It should allow the rendering of WebP images in all browsers that support WebM video.

How does it work?

WebP is actually a lightweight container for a single VP8 frame (whereas WebM is a container based off Matroska meant for video). WebM support exists already in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, so all that's needed to render it is to do a little magic to convert the RIFF encoded WebP image into a EBML/Matroska encoded single frame WebM video, loading it in a <video>, using drawImage() on a <canvas> and replacing the .webp image with the data URL extracted from the <canvas> using toDataURL().

Chrome (on linux anyway) tends to crash a lot.
Firefox throws a security exception when doing toDataURL() on a canvas after drawImage() of a video loaded from a data url. The hack being used it to replace the image node with the actual canvas instance.
Opera doesn't work. I don't really have the time to investigate.
What Browsers?

Chrome 7.0 and Firefox 4.0 were both tested. Opera doesn't work for reasons that I'm not sure about. I would appreciate it if someone fixes it and submits a patch :)
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